Aug 16 2015

What does John Kasich believe? Where the candidate stands on 10 issues

He is the grandson of coal miners and immigrants and a prodigy politician who talked his way into a meeting with then-President Richard Nixon at age 18 and won his first election at age 24 (state senate). John Kasich spent nearly two decades in Congress and won re-election as Ohio governor by a whopping 30 points last year. He helped write the country’s first balanced budget in decades (1997), worked as a television contributor for Fox, wrote three New York Times bestsellers and once was kicked out of a Grateful Dead concert for trying to get on stage. Here is where John Kasich stands on 10 key issues.
John Kasich may challenge Jeb Bush in New Hampshire primary See where the candidates stand on key issues Climate Change: Climate change is real. The EPA should not regulate emissions.In 2012, Kasich said he believes climate change is real and is a problem. In the same speech, the Republican asserted that the Environmental Protection Agency should not regulate emissions, but that states and private companies should work to contain carbon output from coal-burning power plants. The Ohio governor indicated this year that he is concerned about protecting jobs while protecting the environment.Criminal Justice: Less prison time for nonviolent offenders. Focus on rehabilitation and treatment.Prison and criminal justice reform have both been themes for Kasich as Ohio governor. This includes a 2012 bill making it easier for ex-felons to get work and a 2011 bill that favors rehabilitation over prison for people convicted of nonviolent crimes. The Republican candidate has sharply criticized prisons as holding too many people who are mentally ill and advocates

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