Jul 21 2015

Trump Continues to Surge in Polls

trump 3Doubt the recent media bashing, including the Des Moines Register call for Trump to drop out, Donald Trump leads the pack of Republicans getting 24% support in a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll. Scott Walker is a distant second with 13% support, and Jeb Bush follows in third 12%, with the rest in single digits.


Trump — 24%
Walker — 13%
Bush —- 12%
Huckabee- 8%
Rubio —- 7%
Paul —– 6%
Carson — 6%
Cruz —– 4%
Perry —- 4%

*This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by landline and cellular telephone July 16-19, 2015, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 1,002 adults, including 815 registered voters. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points for the full sample, and 4.0 for registered voters, including design effect. Partisan divisions are 30-21-39 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents.
Interviews were conducted Sunday among 200 respondents overall, including 82 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents and 65 leaned Republicans who reported being registered to vote. ABC customarily reports results for groups at or near 100 respondents, but may make characterizations of results in smaller groups. Sunday results on Trump support characterized in this analysis were essentially identical regardless of registration.

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  1. frank

    Trump has gone from not considered, to # 1.

    Reasons given to me. He is a businessman and is believable as wanting to get things done. Mistake others and media have made is attacking him and not taking seriously the issues he has brought.

  2. frank

    What do you not like that needs to be moderated ?

  3. AnthonyD

    Scott Walker – A joke.
    Jeb Bush – Seriously, another Bush? Never!
    A successful businessman, why not?

    TRUMP 2016!

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