Feb 05 2016

Trump Continues to Crush the Field

Doubt some recent stumbles, Donald Trump continues to lead his closest GOP competitor, Marco Rubio by 21 points.  Ted Cruz has flat lined at 14%, a point behind Rubio in third.  It seems to still be a race for number two and Kasich, Bush, and Christie are all in the hunt.
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  1. Andrea

    I love DONALD TRUMP. I wish I had the chance to come work with you. You have been my roll model since the first show of the Apprentance. I hope you take it and make us single moms feel good about living in the USA and feeling like we are somebody. THANKS DONALD TRUMP. Your a awesome person and I thank you for that.

    Much Love from
    Linwood, KS

    1. Andrea

      The Apprentice*

  2. Matthew F

    Single mom voting for a Republican. You really need to educate yourself.
    Donald Trump has ZERO chance to be president. You should vote for your pocketbook, and the good for the country, not for your reality TV hero. Trump would be a national embarrassment.

  3. Frank - Florida

    Good point Matthew. Terrible reason to vote for a president. Luckily Andrea your vote doesn’t matter in backwards Kansas. They vote 65% GOP anyway.

  4. Lana T

    Given the choices Sanders would be great for single moms, Clinton is about equal, but being she is a WOMAN, I think she in dozens of ways would be your nest choice.
    Heard of CHIP? Ya, you probably use it. Education? Dems spend and do more, everything else to help a single mom…NOT TRUMP!!!!

    1. Cheryl

      Sanders will bankrupt small businesses within 2 yrs, and Clintons history speaks for itself..lies, deceit, criminal activity.. yeah, that’s the two BEST the Liberals could come up with.. what a joke. Donald Trump has the best tax plan for economic growth and for bringing back American companies, he’s got the best security plans and has a true DESIRE to make America a great country again.

  5. James

    I guess it’s Lib night. Andrea, don’t listen to the stupid Libtards. We need our country back. Get rid of Muslims and Mexicans. Get rid of regulation and let business run the country.
    USA! TRUMP 2016!
    Send the *&^^$% back to Kenya.

    1. glenda

      Radical muslims and illegal mexicans, not just muslims and mexicans!!!

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