Feb 09 2016

Trump and Sanders Win the New Hampshire Primaries


Donald Trump Wins 2016 GOP New Hampshire Primary!

gop results


2016 GOP New Hampshire Primary Delegate Count



Bernie Sanders Wins 2016 Democratic New Hampshire Primary!

dem updates


2016 Democratic New Hampshire Primary Delegate Count

dem_delegate count




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  1. Anonymous

    I’m wondering if Trump supporters really know what will happen if he is actually elected president. Do they really think the US is autonomous in the world today? In our global economy, it is vital for the US to keep up good relations with other foreign trading countries. Trump is not the person who will enter into diplomatic and fair discussions with our overseas partners. There is a woman in the UK who has collected hundreds of thousands of signatures to try to keep Trump out of the UK (OK, she was unsuccessful), but that is surely a sign. He thinks he will control everything and kick some ass, but I really don’t think that his partners will follow him blindly, because his vision is ridiculous!
    He is also a paranoid racist who thinks he can reduce terrorism by kicking out Muslims. The US was based on pluralist principles! This racism is going to increase the likelihood of terrorist attacks. Don’t you people see that?
    Every western country except the US has had universal health care for decades. No, it is not perfect, but it has made health care affordable. Socialism is not Communism, for heaven’s sake! And the European countries that have socialized medicine are just as democratic as the US, maybe even more so.
    Get a grip and start looking at the world around you!

  2. Anonymous

    Anyone I mean ANYONE is better than Bernie Sanders who will take more of our hard earned money and give our young people free stuff so then we have a generation of people who think everything is free so why work why try why care.

  1. Wake Up Millennials, Nothing’s Free

    […] Bernie Sanders winning by more than fifty thousand votes ahead of Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, it’s clear there’s been a shift in who democrats and liberals are putting […]

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