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Cain and Paul Dominate in Online New Hampshire Straw Poll

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Herman Cain the most recent 2012NewHampshirePrimary.com straw poll with 2,782 out of 10,001 votes (28% of the vote). Previous winner Ron Paul finished a close second with 2,653 votes (27% of the vote). Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman finished with a Cain worthy 999 (9% each), followed closely by Rick Perry at 8%. …

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Paul Wins Value Straw Poll, Romney Continues To Sink

Ron Paul continues to show strong support in straw polls with another win, this time at the Values Voter Summit. The Values Voter Summit is a big test and will appeal to Christian conservative activists. An endorsement by these voters can energize voters nationwide. Herman Cain came in second with 22.5%, while former Pennsylvania Senator …

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