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Oct 21 2011

Romney’s Lead Slipping in New Hamsphire Primary Recent Poll

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The New Hampshire Primary is a must win for hometown Mitt Romney, but the sudden surge of Herman Cain has now put a threat to Romney’s huge lead in New Hampshire. In a recent Insider Advantage poll Herman Cain rose to 24% while Romney has fallen to 39%. Romney has been as high as 45% …

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Oct 12 2011

Herman Cain New Front Runner in Poll

In a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey shows Herman Cain has surpassed Mitt Romney in a national poll. Rick Perry, who was sinking, has settled in at 16% followed by Ron Paul at 11%. One time top-tier candidate, Michele Bachmann, has fallen to an inconsequential 5%. The poll shows that the majority of Republicans …

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