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Who is Running and Who Will be in the Debate?

Nothing says “presidential primary” like a debate, which can be the first snapshots of the candidates voters see. But this year, the early debates aren’t expected to give us the whole picture. Unlike in years past, some of the more serious candidates are sitting out the early debates-leaving only a handful of contenders to take …

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GOP Picture for 2012 Remains Blurry

By NEIL KING JR. And JONATHAN WEISMAN The crop of 2012 Republican presidential candidates is about to expand, adding faces to one of the most varied—and muddled—GOP fields in decades. The lineup currently lacks a clear favorite to stir the GOP base, to the dismay of many in the party. A Gallup poll released Friday …

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Trump First in National Poll

In a shocking new CNN poll, Donald Trump finished tied for first with Mike Huckabee when asked the question: Which candidate you would be most likely to support for the Republican nomination for President in the year 2012? Trump 19% Huckabee 19% Palin 12% Gingrich 11% Romney 11% Paul 7% Bachmann 5% None 4% Someone …

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Primary Status: Two key NH conservatives assess Bachmann’s potential candidacy

March 24 UPDATE: ASSESSING BACHMANN. The chairman of a pro-liberty group with growing influence in New Hampshire politics welcomed news Thursday that Minnesota U.S. Rep.Michele Bachmann intends to set up an exploratory committee in May or June to gauge support for a presidential candidacy. But another conservative leader expressed concern about the lack of experience …

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Will Candidates Make New Hampshire Competitive?

In the 2008 New Hampshire Primary, Mitt Romney finished a strong second to New Hampshire favorite John McCain (37%-32%).  Romney, of course,  is from the neighboring state of Massachusetts, and this gave him a big edge in 2008 that he was unable to fully capitalize on.  Romeny’s e loss in New Hampshire ended his hopes …

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Bachmann Inches Closer to 2012 Run

Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is inching closer to a 2012 presidential run, affirming on Thursday night that she will make a decision about forming an exploratory committee early this summer. “The decision is not made yet. I want to be clear about that,” she told “On the Record” Thursday night. “But if we do …

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