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Gardner Outmoves Romney and Forces Nevada to Move it’s Caucus

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New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner and the Jon Huntsman lead Republican walkout of the Nevada Caucus has forced Nevada to move it’s Caucus day back to February 3rd. The move is a blow to the Romney campaign which had exercised heavy political pressure on Nevada to move up the caucus in order to …

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Huntsman Leads GOP Boycott of Nevada Caucuses

Several GOP presidential candidates are threatening to boycott Nevada’s caucuses if the event isn’t pushed back at the request of New Hampshire, which is contemplating holding its primary as early as Dec. 6. The call for a boycott, made yesterday by Jon Huntsman, further complicates an accelerated 2012 presidential nominating schedule that is now tentatively …

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Romney’s Tinkering in Nevada May Lead to a December Primary

New Hampshire’s secretary of state, William M. Gardner, has issued a warning that the state’s primary could be as early as December 6 or 13 if Nevada Republicans do not move back their January 14 caucus date by at least three days. By state law, New Hampshire’s primary must be held at least seven days …

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New Hampshire Primary Date Still in Question

Florida’s  decision to move their primary to January 31st in violation of RNC rules threw Caucus – Primary schedule into a tailspin.  Florida wished to be the 5th in line, but is surpassed South Carolina, who is the first in the south primary. South Carolina then moved their primary to Saturday January 21st. Enter Mitt …

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New Hampshire Republican: Nevada primary plan violates Granite state law

Adding more uncertainty to the already uncertain 2012 primary calendar, the New Hampshire Secretary of State yesterday declared that the plans for the Nevada GOP caucus violates Granite state law. He decided that the caucus is a “similar election” under New Hampshire state law — meaning that the Nevada Republican Party’s plan to hold its …

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Florida Crashes 2012 Calendar

By REID J. EPSTEIN There they go again. Just as it did in 2008, Florida blew up the carefully constructed 2012 GOP presidential calendar Friday, choosing to hold its presidential primary more than a month ahead of the Republican National Committee-authorized date. It’s a move with far-reaching effects that could remake the presidential primary and …

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Rogue States Threaten GOP Calendar

In the final days before states submit their primary and caucus plans to the Republican National Committee, the GOP is sweating bullets over the possibility that a gang of rogue states could still wreak havoc on the 2012 presidential nominating process. One state, Arizona, has already announced that it will violate RNC rules and hold …

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The GOP’s New Primary Schedule Explained

By Kate Sheppard The 2012 Republican primary contest might be all anyone can talk about these days, but there still isn’t a very clear picture of what the primary calendar even looks like. With just months left before the first votes, the Republican National Committee has done little to reduce the uncertainty: GOP officials have …

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