Dec 21 2015

Sanders Maintains Lead In Recent Poll


CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker, New Hampshire: Dec. 14-17, 2015
The CBS News 2016 Battleground Tracker is a panel study based on interviews conducted on the internet of registered voters in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. The poll was conducted by YouGov, an online polling organization.

Bernie Sanders — 56%
Hillary Clinton — 42%
Martin O’Malley — 1%

Full Poll



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  1. Anonymous

    I respect peoples opinion, Trump was criticizing Bill Clintons affair. He was still married to Ivana while he was having affair with Marla Maples. Look who is talking he such a hypocrite and liar and very desperate about not winning so he has to say thing to discredit his opponent. Make up Republicans you got a front runner who is not qualified to be the president of this country. He brings hate prejudice and embarasment to our country

  2. Anonymous


  3. Anonymous

    Tramp is a womanizer.

  4. Tony

    Sanders will not be able to one of the things he says. Why do you think Obama has troubles getting ideas through? You think electing a Socialist is going to work with the insane Conservatives of today.
    I like Bernie, but we need a moderate who can get things done, and that is Hillary Clinton. The End.

    1. Jorge

      You wrote what was in my mind. We need a realist willing to compromise.

  5. Anonymous

    Clinton is a criminal – there is no doubt – and now her treasonous actions with top secret info on her own server probably got US troops killed. Look her inaction over Benghazi was reason enough to question her shady methods – now this is straight up soon from the FBI. Has anyone even looked at whether her emails and Benghazi are linked?

    OMG – if this were the Republicans – they would all be in jail already. But STILL she goes free and not in front of a grand jury. Yes I know the FBI has not submitted it’s report to the Justice Department – but Obama will probably pardon her anyway. Though if he does that will be his opening paragraph on the legacy of his Presidency.

  6. Anonymous

    We need to go as hard as we can against republicans. Clinton won’t she has wallstreet in her back pocket it will be business as usual. If you think of republicans as cancer Clinton is a placebo at best Bernie is chemotherapy

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