Jan 02 2012

Ron Paul Wins Latest New Hampshire Primary Straw Poll

Ron Paul finished with 1,844 votes (28%) to win the second to last 2012 New Hampshire Primary online straw poll. Jon Huntsman finished in a surprising second with 24% edging out hometown favorite Mitt Romney who finished in third with 23%. Newt Gingrich finished in fourth with a respectable 12%.

The final Straw Poll has begun. Vote now!



Poll Results:

Who will win the 2012 New Hampshire Primary?

Ron Paul (28%, 1,844 Votes)
Jon Hunstman (24%, 1,586 Votes)
Mitt Romney (23%, 1,505 Votes)
Newt Gingrich (12%, 769 Votes)
Rick Santourm (5%, 329 Votes)
Rick Perry (5%, 300 Votes)
Michele Bachmann (3%, 195 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,528
*Online Straw Poll. Not scientific. Voters may only vote one time per IP address.


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  1. Tony N

    Does this coming out of the left as a rejection notice mean the Democratic party is a s Splintered as the Republican party is ? http://my.firedoglake.com/davidswanson/2011/12/31/obama-crowned-himself-on-new-years-eve/

    1. Tony N

      And could this lead to a 3rd party candidate that would reelect Obama ?

      1. Jeffersonians United

        Obama’s ballot access is being challenged and its looking dim for Dems (see AL, GA, perhaps NH) … should be front page news but, of course, the dutiful MSM wouldn’t dare risk kicking that sleeping pit bull. They will try to make it look like kookery but it won’t work this time.

      2. Mghughett

        Not necessarily. Obama is losing support as well. I supported him last time. But I’ve switched to Ron Paul this time. And I’ve currently converted 5 other former Obama supporters. =)

        1. dave

          good job. i switched a couple democrats to Paul as well. republicans need to realize if they want Obama out, Paul is the only one of the gop that draws a big independant crowd. If republicans dont want Paul then I guess its 4 more years for this president

          1. Tony N

            this is a warning about Ron Paul being Used …. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h-a1kKOkNM&feature=g-u&context=G298635eFUAAAAPAAJAA

      3. Milton

        Why is the thinking always have to be that a third party candidate will help or hurt one of the establishment picks?, why cant the thinking be that he or she can win and we as americans can send a strong message concerning the status quo

    2. Diana Skipworth

      Absolutely, Tony.

      The “left and right wings” of US political parties are simply of the same predatory bird, picking the bones of the dead middle class.

      As a liberal/progressive I often feel abandoned by both Republicans and Democrats. I like Eisenhower– this is how I see Ron Paul, like Ike.

      1. Randy

        If you’re for Ron Paul, which is GREAT!, you’re are by definition not a progressive.

  2. George Washington

    Ron Paul 2012 Please
    Track Record and Substance OVER Flip Flopping Rhetoric and Fear Mongering
    Thank you

    1. Miguel

      I could not agree with you more George

      Go RP 2012

    2. Thomas Jefferson

      Right On George!!! Ron Paul doesn’t have anything to gain except a end to a 35 year steady record of honesty…………..If Ron Paul doesn’t win…..I am moving out of america…I swear.

      1. Ditto

        Costa Rica until the gov’t takes control of that too..


        You can’t run. Our Forefathers didn’t. Freedom isn’t free. Many of us will end up in concentration camps or murdered. We still have to do what’s right.

    3. Adam McCloud

      Absolutely! Ron Paul 2012 NH make us Paul Supporters in SC proud!

  3. Millimee

    I have been rooting for Jon Hunstman for several months and I believe he will do very well in NH, and finally, people will begin to look closely at him, his consistently conservative record, and his ideas for turning this economy around. Go Huntsman!!!

    1. Sara Lynn

      I like Huntsman as well. What are your thoughts on Ron Paul?

      1. blakmira

        Do you realize Huntsman’s corporation had annual revenues of $9.25 billion from his chemical business selling plastic to China? Only 2,000 of his 12,000 employees are in the US!

        He was also Obama’s Ambassador to China.

        So, what country do you want him to be president of, USA or China???

        Forget the corrupt, lying billionaires — vote Ron Paul!
        His consistent & trustworthy record goes back 30 years! He’s the Champion of the Constitution. He has offered to take $39,000 annual salary as POTUS! No “vacations” for him! Also, he’s won first place in 28 of the straw polls too (just won New Hampshire also).

        1. Adam McCloud


        2. Chuck Kirkland

          Do you realize that under huntsman Utah was posting 5% increases in jobs while the rest of the country was loosing 1.8% ? That he returned Millions of dollars in tax money to the people of Utah? Seriously need to stop attacking people because they made money. Besides who best to handle relations with China then the guy with the most experience. Its all fine that you support Paul. I like him too.. Id rather see it come down to Paul and Huntsman then any of the others.. So if I start a company that deals with China and in China i have to employ 10,000 people but im able to hire 5,000 people in the U.S because of it also.. Im a bad person? Some of you Paul supporters are no better then the Obama Supporters.. Complete one sided crack pots…

          1. Sgt Dan

            Well if China was the onlhy thing our country had to deal with he be perfect. we need a candidate that is on point, experienced, and wont candy coat the obviuos. Ron Paul is the least talked about by mass media and least talked about in GOP. I read many blogs and many different poles Dr. Paul is the front runner needed to take down Obama. Mit just a High end Car Salesman. I see no conservatism in ole Mit. Newt, after listening to debat, actually had a some what close approach to Iran as Ron Paul had made if you caught it in his quick snippet. He said if we got our own resources from our own country there be no need to worry bout Iran due to fact we would not be dependant on foriegn oils. Am I only one caught that?



          That tells that under Huntsman outsourcing will continue. It’s not that jobs aren’t being created by American companies, they’re just destined for other countries. 15 million since 1986. Yes, it started with that incredible “conservative”, Reagan. These companies are damaging America’s national security, and outsourcing must be outlawed. The only people who argue in favor of a “global economy” are the proponents of the New World Order and their useful idiots. DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES

          1. Tony N

            And they have NO plan to stop this destruction of the US dollar and Quality of Life and Liberty that supports and secure the society of the USA . See what is going on in Europe is what we will see happen here if we continue on this Path because Europe out sourced their self reliance in this failed Trade policy too .

            And lets Not forget that these RINOs are working OVERTIME to elect that Guy that will continue their agenda …… http://blog.chron.com/rickperry/2011/12/bush-41-backs-romney-for-president-admits-hes-not-gingrichs-biggest-advocate/ Bush said. “I just think he’s mature and reasonable — not a bomb-thrower.” NOW lets Not mess up the Agenda !!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rc7i0wCFf8g See what I mean about the push for population controls in the world by elite globalists , and it looks like Mitt is involved so not what we need to run the USA , http://saynsumthn.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/republican-mitt-romney-consulted-population-control-eugenics-czar-john-holdren/
            Bahahahahaha , they are all one ij the same !!!!! http://www.wnd.com/2009/01/85442/

  4. 99Murph

    Later, Mittens. No one loves you here, now go home! Ron Paul 2012


      To my knowledge, Murphy isn’t a “jewish” name.

  5. Lui L

    Go Ron!

  6. RonPaulKicksAss

    Ron Paul for president! The only one I trust!

  7. sharpinla

    When Lady Rothschild came out and supported Huntsman…well I knew he wasn’t my guy! LOL

  8. aaron

    Ron Paul for President. I would take any one of his ideas over the thousands of faliing from the others

  9. Justin

    For all of you complaining about a possible Ron Paul third party run that would re-elect Obama, I agree with you!

    So the solution is simple: Make Ron Paul your nominee.

  10. Paul

    Vote for Huntsman…and WW3 with Iran+China+Russia…YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! **gulps beer**

    1. amanda trent

      cracking up here…especially at the ‘gulps beer’ part. lol

  11. Bob

    Ron Paul….Revolution 2012

    “The truth will set you free”

    Doesn’t really matter, if he wins the Presidency, the NWO will snuff him just like they did
    Kennedy was gonna blow the whistle on TV about the FED’s ponzi scheme, etc.
    Another-words, tell the truth…

    Wonder whatever happened to Ross Perot?

  12. Zac

    I’m from scandinavia. Paul seems to be the only candidate with integrity and honesty, and he is the only one who doesn’t act and talk like a scared teenager. The rethoric of the other candidates and their world view is rather frightening to me. Once The US was something we looked up to. Now it’s just a mess of corporate yellow media, warmongering and childish behaviour. I’m glad to see that there seems to be real Americans left over there. For the sake of your country and the sake of the world i hope you can turn the tide. Good luck. If i was able to, I’d vote for Dr Paul.

    1. Thomas Jefferson

      Good Zak, glad to have you here to fight for our diminishing freedoms. It started in 1871, when Washington DC was incorporated into a 1 mile city center. So the 41st congress took a bailout from thee Bank of England operated by the “Crown” Rothchilds. The constitution was created as a bylaw for the new united States and it has been deception and lies ever since.

      Look up “The Act of 1871” the US is a corporation like McDonalds that has turned this country into a fascist police state. “NDAA” We just lost our constitution…if Ron Paul isn’t elected YOU May end up in a FEMA consentration camp for extermination.

      1. Carl Jung

        Got tinfoil?

      2. MrPeach

        Thanks for the clarification TJ. I was unsure if you were a whackjob based on your first post, but this one makes that quite clear.

    2. Adam McCloud

      Amazing how many people from other countries see how great Paul would be, its a shame more of our own don’t…Ron Paul 2012 America!

  13. Tony N

    I hope Ron Paul blows the doors off this thing !!! and you know what would be really COOL …. if Rand decided to be Ron’s Vice President , then we would have a Double Shot of Paul for the Conservative vote and this Would have some lasting Power .

    1. Adam McCloud

      That would be absolutely amazing!

    2. MrPeach

      Rand is a bit too radical to me. I do not support this.

      1. Tony N

        MrPeach here is the list of who is Radical and taking your rights away http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/268602/20111216/ndaa-did-congress-member-vote.htm

        And Rand Paul said this about this NDAA Law , so you need to re assess your perception of Rand Paul I think ,

  14. Tony N

    I like the position Rand Paul took on the NDAA he was Only 7 that stood up against it , that thing is a cancer a fast spreading cancer , that kind of power will only corrupt and corrode the Life of Liberty . These eugenics have got to be stopped some how our our Jobs are going to be FEMA , I mean Even Romney has a eugenics element in his resume’ , http://saynsumthn.wordpress.com/2011/10/18/republican-mitt-romney-consulted-population-control-eugenics-czar-john-holdren/

    I just cannot believe this thing does not get Main Stream media Going over the edge , like if Bush would have done this can you imagine , so whats going on this time ?????
    I only saw this Rand Paul speech against this kind of stuff and Ron Paul too has come out against it , I know he is crazy on Iran and Foreign Policy but at this Point if we get a foreign policy president that wants to Look at eugenics in the USA as a Viable Option for domestic policy then I have to think that makes foreign policy a NON Issue right ???

  15. Joe Schmo

    Ron Paul is the only canidate who is consistent, not bound to anyone or anything but the constitution.

  16. Thomas Jefferson

    Get your GUNS and protect yourself from the MILITARY and POLICE…..WE need to form a MILITIA AGIANST THIS CORPORATE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If Paul Doesn’t win….Lets ROLL!!!!

    1. Uncle Ron

      Better yet, go talk to the guys in the military and police and see how many will uphold their oath TO SUPPORT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION : )

  17. Boom

    Srsly, Romney’s gonna win, there’s been ups and down for all the candidates, Ron Paul is just the latest.


      Ron Paul has been booming since 2008. It’s not a trend. It’s honestly and liberty prevailing over trends, money and corruption.


  18. vel seb

    hi i’m seb from romania
    the whole world is watching you america so do what’s right and vote RON PAUL at list for the message that he delivers, i don’t want my kids to grow into communist f****g China

  19. European

    Don’t you Americans, patriotic as you claim to be, stand behind your army like a rock? So you better start to open your eyes, they want to go home, they’re sick of fighing neverending wars! Or how would you explain RP getting the most spendings from the military ever in history?

  20. Fave555

    The ball is in your court New Hampshire! Show your support for Ron Paul in the upcoming primary and prove he is the only vieable candidate!!! By the way I encourage you to go to watch the vote 2012 and review the real results of the Iowa caucauses…

  21. Katy

    Bachmann/Perry/Gingrich/Huntsman/Santorum/Romney people PLEASE don’t waste your VOTE! These people don’t have a chance AT ALL! Do you really forsee any of these people beating OBAMA? NO! Do you see how the WORLD is ready for a CHANGE? VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  22. Nathan D.

    Ron Paul is the only hope for the US. If we get anyone else, they will try to get us into a war with Iran. Which will not be a good thing, especially with backup like China And Russia. Ron Paul is the only one that does not want to expand the US war effort, but reduce it and bring our armed forces home. I have never understood, how we are protecting ourselves by spreading our forces thin. We need to wake up and realize that policing the world is not working, and has made our country broke.

  23. LJ

    Ron Paul supporters:
    I get it, like some things from Paul, but he and you are incredibly NAIVE!
    Even if he became president (ZERO CHANCE) he would realize, like Obama, you have to work with the Congress. Nothing he wants done would happen.

    P.S. The Constitution changes. Thomas Jefferson would hang Ron Paul.

  24. Canada fro RP

    Its so infuriating seeing an honest, candid, intellectual, and rational candidate like Ron Paul speak out and clown the competition in debates and policies REPEATEDLY and still not be in the lead in the polls. I’m from Canada, and all my life I’ve been in the democratic camp and I still identify with them except when it comes to Ron Paul. For the good of the nation, listen to the good doctor and take what he’s prescribed!!

  25. Uncle Ron

    I voted in the Iowa Caucus and can tell I was disgusted by how it was carried out.
    A group of political operatives worked together to control the dialogue and perception of the candidates. They said anyone could speak, yet had outsiders come into the the room to takeover and speak. I attempted to speak for Ron Paul but was cutoff by a guy who I could tell knew very little about him, was dressed like a scumbag, and was not a real supporter. Then a small group of people voted each other into key positions. We were told the vote count (I didn’t witness any counting) and dismissed. Most people were in a hurry to get out of the overcrowded, humid room. It was a staged public forum!

  26. pauliu

    Residents of New Hampshire stay strong with your support of Ron Paul. This is your chance to send a message to all Americans and the entire world that “we the people” will determine our future, and that we choose a future which will enable us to live free and by our constitution. This decision will impact our future like none since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Reject the Status Quo candidates political glib. We need the PROVEN unwavering strength of Ron Paul.
    Don’t make accusations without knowing the facts. Ron Paul is far from racist and Anti Semite. History has shown that he has fought against injustice towards minorities, particularly the way blacks have been treated by the criminal justice system, (remember he is Libertarian).
    Also, just because he does not want to give foreign aid to Israel (or other countries) does not make him Anti Semite. He prefers to keep our money home where we need it most and the majority of Americans agree with him. Other candidates, and the biased news media, attack him over his foreign policy. I believe people should do some studying on the American and British involvement in the Mid East since the 1950’s. NO COUNTRY is going to attack the U.S. Our threat is from criminal terrorists both from home and abroad.
    No candidate will please all the people on every issue. We need to stick with the main issues and problems we face. Most people agree that costly useless wars need to stop, and that crony capitalism and government corruption needs to stop. We need to secure our borders, cut spending, stimulate our economy and address (the Fed… the IRS…the rip off pharmaceutical industry in bed with the FDA…drifting away from our constitution…etc.). RON PAUL has viable and comprehensive solutions to all these issues and problems. The other candidates offer the same Status Quo and political glib!

    1. Uncle Ron

      You MUST go into the caucus with an organized group. You must be BOLD
      You must demand a chance speak out for your candidate and don’t let establishment hacks control everything.
      You must learn what the key positions are and vote your people into them.
      Its about TAKING POWER from and organized group who take any advantage they can get -you CAN win the voters over to your side with a well dressed and well versed orator you MUST I repeat. MUST insure the votes are properly tallied and all rules are followed. Don’t go in by yourself but as a last resort.
      the people love winners – go in with confidence and don’t be afraid to expose the dog and pony show -if something doesn’t feel right speak up and address it and make voters aware.
      And last but not least PRAY and find your inner strength before going in

  27. Uncle Ron

    Another thing – try to be polite and helpful to the old people
    show your off patriotism- bring in a Flag if need be – some places might not have one
    If you are a Veteran- wear proof of your service
    If your in medicine – CNA RN MD ect. wear proof
    public service – firemen police and ambulance wear proof
    Airline pilots.Boat Captains Sports teams show off your Uniforms
    You have to destroy the opposition created myth that Ron Paul voters are nothing but “WEED HEADS” who only want to vote for a high Good Luck :)

  28. Uncle Ron

    Someone from New Hampshire needs to post PRIMARY rules to help first timers know what they are up against when locking horns in the political arena
    I would hope that my failure (Due to lack of experience) will be made up for by YOU –
    the voters of New Hampshire
    Had I known what to expect I could have quite easily rallied friends and family ahead of time and won my local precinct When I told friends about my experience and explained what happened, many who I assumed were apathetic said HELL YEA! I would have helped ya – you should have called and told me – I didn’t even know! (Dr. NO cures Apathy) For two days I was filled with self loathing and disappointment then anger and disgust at my town and state (which had a SECRET count)
    Now Im hittin the BLOGs REAL HARD I may even go to work on South Carolina

  29. Jack

    Straw polls can be quite misleading. Who won the Iowa staw poll? Michelle Bachman. Enough said.

    1. Uncle Ron

      She gave out 6 thousand Randy Travis tickets for that win It was was Vote Bribery Free BEER probably would have worked better:)

  30. Milton

    hey fellow americans, the Democrats could have a trick up there sleeve, it’s called Hillary, there concern is the white house.

  31. Milton

    By the wayi think we need to send a message to FOX News about their fair and balanced reporting, not when it comes to Ron Paul, FOX is on a mission to destroy Ron Paul.

  32. Milton

    The endorsement of Romney from Mccain does not carry too much wieght with me because I believe that he was there to put Obama in the White House.

  33. Sgt Dan

    RON PAUL WILL WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally someone that can actually get the job done and we all as a Nation, get back to living the American Dream of Freedom and Liberty for all. Plus, He didnt ask for muck of a Salary. If he is elected I can say I make more than the President, lol. Just wonder if rest of the Congress, Senate, etc. follow suit.

    Want a car go to Mit. Want a leader go Ron Paul.

    Ron nows the time you need to turn up the heat on the mass media,FOX ,CNN, ABC , Mit an take him out of the running. Paul the only candidate not using the the mass media . Owe, Mit, getting endorsementts from Bush Jr,. Ann Coulter (FUNNY), John McCain, and Palin. LOL,. Think I would of asked them not too. thanks but no thanks. Anne Coulter , are you seriuos? Thats a joke in it’s self. So Mit keep racking up these loosers. Surround yourself with them please.

  34. Beverly

    Ron Paul is going to pick up where JFK left off. He’s the only one who can get our country back on TRACK and not cause the collapse of our civilization! RP 2012!

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