Jan 07 2012

Ron Paul Town Hall Meeting at the University of New Hampshire in Durham

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) takes part in a town hall meeting at the University of New Hampshire in Durham.


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  1. Justin Lewis

    Ron Paul 2012.

    He’s the only real candidate up there. Please do research on him. The other candidates are all fakes.

    1. Sharon Davis

      In short, I completely agree!

    2. gteague22@yahoo.com

      Agreed! RON PAUL FOR AMERICA!!!

  2. Bonaparta

    This should be our president. He would repeal the Patriot act, get rid of the fed and give more power to the states, his foreign policy and he respects the constitution, stop borrowing money from china etc. etc. etc.

    He’s the only one asking the REAL question. He’s our guy.

    1. Nate

      Ron Paul should be the President…but he CANNOT do the things you say he should on his own. That’s not how the federal gov’t works. What he can do (and would be his duty to do if President) is issue executive orders barring agents of the executive branch from enforcing statutes which are either unconstitutional or are applied/enforced in an unconstitutional manner. Example: if the FBI needs to arrest someone in say, Los Angeles, he can instruct his agents to first submit evidence to the LA County Sheriff for consideration and a warrant issued from a county judge, THEN ask the Sheriff to arrest said person and turn them over to the FBI. If the Sheriff/Judge refuses to comply, then the federal govt’s hands are tied. Statutes are nothing without the teeth to enforce them. The rest he must work with Congress to address.
      Take a look here for some good reads on what a Sheriff’s powers are and how laws are supposed to be enforced:

  3. Bryan Rector

    Too bad there is not more comments in here. The last thing asked to Ron Paul at the New Hampshire Debate was what are you going to do when you go home tonight and Dr. Paul said, “I will probably read a good text book on economics.” Classic. The rest said go watch the football game and Perry said he was going to the shooting range and practice up. The mentality of the other candidates is go to war with Iran and carry out the New World Order plans.

  4. ....

    Dr. Paul, thank you for saving my brain.

  5. Thomas Jefferson

    I approve of Ron Paul

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