Oct 13 2011

Romney’s Tinkering in Nevada May Lead to a December Primary

New Hampshire’s secretary of state, William M. Gardner, has issued a warning that the state’s primary could be as early as December 6 or 13 if Nevada Republicans do not move back their January 14 caucus date by at least three days.

By state lamitt-romney_2w, New Hampshire’s primary must be held at least seven days before a “similar” contest. Similar could allow a caucus, but that was to allow Iowa to hold its caucuses first, but not Nevada before New Hampshire.

Mitt Romney is considered the front-runner as of now and if the dates for the primary/caucus were earlier, Romney’s chances to win would be better. This is why Romney used his powerful political connections in Nevada (a state with a large Mormon population) to move up the Nevada Caucus ahead of New Hampshire.

The theory is that Romney would then have win in New Hampshire and Nevada, two of the four first elections, and that would give him the momentum to win the nomination.

Secretary of state William M. Gardner has fallen into Romney’s trap with his threat to move the New Hampshire primary up to December, thus leaving less than two months before the first election (assuming Iowa then doesn’t move again).


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  1. Edward

    December??? Please no!
    What the heck is Romney doing? Really, what a scum bag!

  2. Thomas

    Mr. Gardner, please keep it in January.
    Mr. Romney, go back to Massachusetts, please!

  3. Kyouri

    And New Hampshire will continue to keep Romney at the top of their list, why? Makes New Hampshire look just as bad, imo. Then again, if New Hampshire has to go to the legislature to change its date altogether, why don’t they either change their law to allow them to hold their ‘similar’ poll in less than seven days, or not change their date at all? All this ‘we have to go first’ is ridiculous.

  4. Travis Goodman

    The republican Party will honestly only beat “O” with the wide appeal and support of Dr. Ron Paul..The media hAS LOST ALL ITS INTEGRITY ON BLACKING OUT DR. PAUL attempting to manipulate and influence the nomination process. A man who’s time has come.

  5. Don

    Perhaps Romney supporters can explain to us how it is that they are not betraying New Hampshire? New Hampshire has a long standing tradition as first in the nation and it should be protected at all costs. That cost should also include rejecting Romney.

  6. jeri mork

    Makes me laugh when you say “Nevada is a state with a large Mormon population”. It may be in the top ten for number of Mormons, but it still only 7% of the entire state! I doubt that will have as great an impact as this article is presupposing.

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