Oct 21 2011

Romney’s Lead Slipping in New Hamsphire Primary Recent Poll

The New Hampshire Primary is a must win for hometown Mitt Romney, but the sudden surge of Herman Cain has now put a threat to Romney’s huge lead in New Hampshire. In a recent Insider Advantage poll Herman Cain rose to 24% while Romney has fallen to 39%. Romney has been as high as 45% in previous polls. Romney has been slipping in recent New Hampshire polls, some believe due to his pressure to move the Nevada Caucus ahead of the New Hampshire Primary.
A win for Herman Cain in Iowa could give him the momentum to make the New Hampshire Primary a race after all.

Mitt Romney ——- 39%
Herman Cain ——- 24%
Ron Paul ———– 11%
Jon Huntsman ——- 5%
Newt Gingrich —— 5%
Michelle Bachmann – 5%
Rick Perry ——— 2%

Source: Insider Advantage


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  1. Jim McClarin

    Glad to see Mitt’s slippage but I don’t want to see the other RINO win it. Our country is in too much danger of economic collapse and the RINO’s are oblivious to it. We’ll have a better chance of averting doom if our next president has a deep understanding of the global monetary threat and the proper actions to thwart it, and that would be Ron Paul.

    1. KJw

      Ron Paul has maxed out when it comes to his support in NH and IA. He has never been able to crack more than 10-11% in either place while both Cain and Romney have entered into the mid 20s or above. Most politicians get 15 minutes of fame and then they are gone, Paul has had 24 years and two previous failed presidential runs. He gave it a shot but he is a libertarian running in a GOP primary, aint going to happen. Enjoy retirement Ron.

      1. dave brillig

        On the other hand, he’s the only candidate running who gets NO (ZERO) visits to his office from lobbyists, because they know he can’t be bought. He’s also the only candidate who has studied economics or who predicted the housing bubble, the subprime housing crisis, and the credit crisis as early as 2001, right up through 2008 when it happened, and the only one (so far) to offer a fiscal plan that has any chance of turning our country around.

        So you can act like you’re voting in a beauty contest, follow “unelectable” Donald Trump, the neo-cons, and the media like the rest of the brainwashed zombies in this crazy nation, or you can do what’s right and vote for the only candidate that truly makes any sense whatsoever.

        1. Don

          Simply not true. Our own former Senator Sununu tried to forward a resolution to address this in 2004. Even Bush saw it coming and tried to get Congress to act on it. Likability has more to do with winning the Presidency than positions and Ron Paul isn’t likable. He will never be President.

          If we conservatives remain all over the list of candidates Romney will waltz right in to the nomination, that’s not opinion it is a fact. Cain can win this and better he can win the election against Obama as well. He takes the race card off the table and without that Obama has little more than his record to run on and that guarantees defeat. Cain is likable, Romney is likable, but Paul and Newt are not. It’s Cain or Romney, it’s our choice New Hampshire. We pick Cain or Romney wins, and that is also a fact.

          1. Cliff Hutchison

            Don, I love how your “facts” are based on the actions of thousands of people months from now (votes in the 2012 primaries) or subjective opinions about who is “likable”. Why don’t you stick with real facts?

            Did Sununu and Bush predict that the housing market would crash and spill over into other parts of the economy? Even if they did, who among the GOP Presidential candidates were on record warning about this before 2007?

      2. Cliff Hutchison

        Perry got his “15 minutes of fame” in June, Cain has his “15 minutes” now, but Paul is not merely a 15 minute-man.

        “Most politicians get 15 minutes of fame and then they are gone” — the media fawns all over them for trivial or personality reasons, beyond what their substance and character would merit — “Paul has had 24 years” — here is your distortion; Paul has not been made popular by the media’s fawning for 24 years, in fact he was virtually unknown until 2007 and has been mocked, insulted and dismissed by the media more than any of the other GOP candidates from 2007 until now.

        But still he is “famous”. You can pretend his “fame” is like the others, but you ignore what his supporters are actually saying are their reasons for supporting him. You certainly can’t pretend that it’s because the press has been making him popular “for 24 years”.

      3. fntsmk

        I think that you should pray that you are wrong. How long can someone pay their Visa with their Mastercard and vice versa? Sooner or later, both Visa and Mastercard will no longer lend you money, and if that’s how you’re paying for your housing, cars, food, fuel, clothing, etc. then…., what do you do? You’re homeless…, that’s what you do, and America is no different. Very shortly, it will take every tax dollar the Gov’t steals from us to pay just the interest on our debt. Just the interest, no Soc. Sec., no Defense spending, no Medicare or Medicaid, no welfare, no nada, zip, nil, nothing but rioting in the streets and complete anarchy.

        Once again…you’d better pray for a President Ron Paul. There’s Ron Paul and…”more of the same.” More of the same = “Death of America.” Bet on it.

    2. fntsmk

      Of the top nine candidates for Prez 2012 there are: Ron Paul and… “more of the same.” Please, please please N.H., wake up before it’s too late. Romney is the flip side of Oh Bugger on the same coin.

  2. Robert Fallin

    I cannot believe people are still so close-minded as to support Romney or Herman Cain. Romney is a man utterly lacking in principle and Cain is fast catching up. Both receive huge amounts of money from the big banks, who stole ours.

    1. Henry Jones-Fiddle

      I agree totally!

    2. Boris Badenough

      Name one bank, big or small, that has contributed to Herman Cain.

        1. Nettie

          Hello! I’m new to your blog and am very excited to listen in on the webinar! I have a 4yr old that I just started doing preschool with. I need hel/ipdeas in getting my son excited about learning. Thanks!

      1. Bharat

        Don’t know about banks, but he’s supported by the Koch Brothers.

      2. Andi83

        federal reserve bank. he was on the payroll of the most evil of them all.

      3. Gabe

        Not true: He is a former chairman of the Federal reserve. All of his supporters are ringers and shills of the banking system. IMO he is worse than Romney. Paul is the only candidate that can seriuosly supplant Obama by not polorizing our country during the election.

      4. Sam Gordon

        The Federal Reserve. Who used to give him a paycheck.

      5. Jangle

        Citi Group, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley

      6. johnny goode

        Wells Fargo

      7. mATT

        a little bank you may have heard of, the Federal Reserve.

      8. Derrick Gingerich

        Wells Fargo was Herman Cain’s 2nd largest contributor according to opensecrets.org. There were also 4 oil and/or natural gas companies among his top 20. Ron Paul’s top 3 contributors were the Air Force, the Army, and the Navy. By the way, his contributions from the military were more than 3 times all of the other Republican candidates COMBINED. The military wants to come home, and Ron Paul is the only one they know will do it.

        1. Don

          But, there are banks on Ron Paul’s list of big contributors:


          It seems Paul supporters only see what they want to see. It seems that Paul supporters only believe that bank contributions are evil when other candidates receive them.

          Cain is likable, Paul is not, likability not policy wins elections.

          1. Cliff Hutchison

            Let’s let the viewers point out the big banks that dominate Paul’s campaign donor list:

            US Army $23,552
            US Air Force $23,335
            US Navy $17,432
            Mason Capital Mngmt $14,000
            Microsoft Corp $13,398
            Boeing Co $10,620
            Google Inc $10,390
            Overland Sheepskin $10,350
            IBM Corp $8,294
            US Government $7,756
            DUNN Capital Mngmt $7,500
            Corriente Advisors $7,500
            Greenstreet Co $7,500
            Northrop Grumman $7,272
            Lockheed Martin $7,007
            Intel Corp $6,855
            US Dept of Defense $6,582
            Federal Express Corp $6,255
            United Technologies $6,115
            Entergy Corp $5,950

      9. Browbaer

        Ha owned….

      10. dave brillig

        He was PRESIDENT of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of KANSAS CITY BOARD OF GOVERNORS!!!! Ya think he doesn’t have some banksters behind him?

    3. KJw

      Wrong, when you look at the donation information, it clearly shows that Romney is getting the Wall St. money and donations from majority of CEOs while Cain is getting majority of his money from nurses, doctors, policemen, middle managers in corporate America. I know that facts sometimes get in the way of paranoid fantasies and this is one of those times, the information says what it says.

    4. Bill Steward (@Stewman1965)

      Totally False, Herman Cain hasn’t received any money yet from big bundlers.. He’s been scraping by on private donations with only a small paid staff of about 3 top people with about $1 million on hand and NO debt..

    5. fntsmk

      Amazing how the “Sheeple” go baah, baah, baah, and go right along with liars like Romney and Cain. Absolutely amazing!

      Ron Paul is America’s last hope.

  3. Phil

    Dont believe the polls! We all know the media can fix them to how they want them! Ron Paul 2012!!!!! I will only believe the results on election day, not a random poll of 500-1000 people or less!

    1. mATT

      Im scared that they can rig that one too. Stalin said it does not matter who you vote for, but who counts the votes.

    2. prsmith

      You know this one is honest. Paul is winning. No way they’d allow that if it was rigged.

    3. Don

      And will you bail on the Republican party in the election if Paul loses? Are you a Republican or just a Paul supporter?

      1. fntsmk

        I’m both. Either it’s Ron Paul or no GOP’er at all. Republicans better wake up soon. Ron Paul has enough support to syphon enough votes from the Media and Corporate Eliteists picks for us, to give the election to Oh Bugger. I am one. If Ron Paul does not get the Nomination I will: 1) Vote 3rd party Ron Paul, 2) Write in Ron Paul, 3) no vote, or 4) Protest vote for Ohbugger. There are several million other Ron Paul supporters who will do the same. It’s Ron Paul or not at all and you have no effin choice in the matter. This time…, the people win by supporting ONLY the candidate who can give us back our Goverment or…, we’ll just give the election to Oh Bugger which would be exactly the same as giving it to Romney, Cain, Perry, etc. Count on it.

  4. Jack

    I favor Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman because they are the only constitutional conservatives. Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Newt Gingrich are all proven globalists, not for America/Americans…their past history shows the proof. Also the Federal Reserve connections cast a shadow over Herman Cain, but I voted in the poll for him as a vote against Romney (Romney and Perry are disgusting RHINO’s).

    1. SCS

      Why not vote for the real deal, Jack? What is the real difference between Romney and Cain?

      Please read this article and share it with your friends:


      “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” – John Quincy Adams

      1. fntsmk

        Great post! Always vote for principle.

    2. mATT

      Michelle Bachmann does not even understand the rule of law. Watch her remarks about terrorism and the right to due process. Plus, she is a religious nut. Not trying to bash on your thoughts just saying Ron Paul is the real deal, no ifs ands or buts. Do yourself a favor and make your vote count for liberty, peace, and prosperity, vote Ron Paul 2012.

  5. Doris Hohensee

    Wow! It sure does looks like Romney’s lead is slipping fast! Cain’s not doing so well either.

    Who will win the 2012 New Hampshire Primary? (Exp. 11-1-11)

    Ron Paul (38%, 2,530 Votes)
    Hermain Cain (19%, 1,254 Votes)
    Mitt Romney (8%, 548 Votes)
    Jon Hunstman (8%, 529 Votes)
    Rick Perry (7%, 482 Votes)
    Newt Gingrich (6%, 413 Votes)
    Gary Johnson (5%, 330 Votes)
    Rick Santourm (5%, 319 Votes)
    Michele Bachmann (4%, 189 Votes)

    Total Voters: 6,594

  6. Hardy Macia

    Too bad the media is picking and choosing the republicans to debate because Governor Gary Johnson would be a contender here if people were given the chance to hear him and hear his record as governor.

    *Gary Johnson is only candidate with positive favorable rating in their home state.
    *Gary Johnson was elected and reelected into a 2-1 democratic state
    *Gary Johnson turned NM economy around from -500+ deficit to 1+ billion surplus
    *Gary Johnson is not career politician – built up one man handy man business into a 1000 person company.
    * Gary Johnson vetoed 750 bills and thousands of line item keeping government focused on making NM a better place for everyone to live instead of just special interest.
    * Gary Johnson oversaw largest period in NM history without a tax increase.
    * Gary Johnson cut state workforce by 10% without laying one off.

    Gary Johnson is the best candidate in the race — but the media would rather highlight the crazy republicans without the resume to be president.

    1. prsmith

      “Gary Johnson is the best candidate in the race — but the media would rather highlight the crazy republicans without the resume to be president.”

      No, Ron Paul is the only candidate that can provide the economic guidance this country will need to soften our landing from the crash that’s coming. Johnson isn’t known well enough to win this round but I wouldn’t mind seeing Johnson in the second seat with an eye toward 2020.

      1. Hardy Macia

        I’d like Johnson as VP since he fills in all the spots that Paul is very weak on.

        Ron Paul also doens’t have any experience turning a state around — Gary Johnson has already done it once with New Mexico. New Mexico was 500 million in debt when Johnson took office and Johnson left the state with a 1billion surplus when he was term limited out.

        “well known” is a matter of a week of focus by the media. Clinton, Obama, Carter were all just as unknown at this point of their races.

        1. Cliff Hutchison

          I’ve met Governor Johnson a couple of times and think that he would be a great President. I’m glad that he is running for President this year and wish he could have been allowed into more debates, to show the public that liberty and constitutional principles aren’t just “Ron Paul’s crazy ideas”.

          I do not see how one of these men is clearly better than the other on the issues and what a constitutional President’s job would be. They should be running mates on the 2012 GOP ticket, but we can only vote for one of them in the primary.

          Johnson has proven executive experience and may be a better speaker than Paul, and if he had run for President in 2008 or had the national support base that Paul has, I would be volunteering for Johnson right now. Paul has the organization, money, volunteers and name recognition at this point to win, while Johnson is still growing all of these things. With the NH primary contest 2 months away, Johnson doesn’t have the time to grow his campaign to win even in this one state he is focusing all his effort on.

          I really want Johnson fighting for us in DC, so I hope he has a backup plan if he doesn’t win in NH, perhaps even keeping a residence in NM so he could switch to the US Senate race there.

          It would be easier for Paul to choose him as VP candidate if Johnson helps Paul in NH instead of competing with him for votes.

  7. Gary Foster

    Ron Paul 2012! Don’t believe the media in trying to fix the polls and elections for their favorable Mitt Romney and Herman Cain is an insider to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is the reason the poor are poorer and the rich are richer. They manipulate our money so bad it’s beyond policy fixing, it’s almost to the point of revolt! The US Dollar in 1913 had the spending power of $22.83, in 2011 it is less than a single dollar! Someone care to answer the question of which organization was founded in 1913? You guess it! The Federal Reserve! Thanks to us dropping the Gold Standard and going to their so-called “We value it as we see fit” system really did the American people a great favor huh? Screw Herman Cain…you’ll just continue to see the dollar decline with him into nothing! Mitt Romney will continue more Entitlement programs like ObamaCare and pumped up Social Security and Welfare for people who do not need it! I saw a guy post on Yahoo News talking about he gets $1200 from Social Security, $300 Welfare, $480 Food Stamps, and works a side job under the table! How the hell can us taxpayer’s sit down and take this crap anymore?

  8. jilly4liberty

    UMMMM Are ANY REPUBLICANS aware that Cain WON’T CUT TAXES BY ONE CENT? revenues, in fact, will GO UP under 999. The only thing being changed is who pays what. Correct me if I’m wrong, but rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic won’t prevent it from going under.
    I thought the tea party stood for TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY not TAXED EVENLY ALLOVER.

    and the idea that no one will raise these taxes, ever. HA have you ever met 2/3 of a Congress that WOULDN’T Vote to let itself spend more money? just look at what happened with the debt ceiling for christ’s sake. Even after cleaning house in 2010, only 25 members of congress I think actually voted against raising the debt limit?? NO THANK YOU HERMAN CAIN. THE ECONOMY IS ON THE VERGE OF COLLAPSE AND ALL YOU WANT TO DO IS FIDDLE THE TAX CODE AROUND TO RHYME.

    1. Vigilantis


      The Tea Party at one time was for limited government, low to no taxes, Ending Corporate Welfare, Bringing the Troops home, etc. All those things that Ron Paul supports,

      They were that is until the Neo-Cons subverted them. Now the Teaparty is a shell of it’s former self. So far removed from the original purpose that it’s now a joke.
      I knew once I heard Sean Hannity the Neo-Con scum himself supporting the Teaparty that it was all over. By the way Hannity supports Cain. As far as I’m concerned that’s reason enough NOT to vote for the man.

    2. KJw

      Wrong, obviously you have not read the plan and are sliming it to confuse others. http://www.hermancain.com/999plan. It would give America the lowest corporate tax on earch and would make us the Mecca of business and commerce. Companies and entrepreneurs would spring up everywhere and America would be the destination of all of businesses who wanted access to our markets directly. Its the economy stupid!

  9. Jason

    I like Gary Johnson, Ron Paul should give him a cabinet position when he becomes president, maybe VP.

    1. Hardy Macia

      Hopefully Paul can’t get beyond his social conservative SBA pledge that he signed a couple months ago to allow him to give Johnson a cabinet position or VP position. The SBA Pledge Paul took was to only appoint pro-life members to certain cabinet and other high ranking position. With Paul’s snubbing Johnson in the role of VP in the debate a couple weeks ago, I’m not sure.

      1. Cliff Hutchison

        I didn’t know about this SBA pledge. That was an unnecessary and bad decision for Paul to make. Unnecessary because Paul doesn’t need to sign any pledges when he has such a consistently principled voting record in Congress on those issues.

        His record is better than any pledge or promise.

        In fact, I would say that Paul signing a pledge gives more credit to the pledge and group promoting it, and makes other candidates that sign the same pledge seem equal to him on the issues, when they are not.

        Paul’s response to the VP question could have been better, too, perhaps saying that his decision will hinge on who will help his campaign the most by their support and ability to win swing states. Naming Johnson bluntly after Johnson named Paul would look too contrived to the audience, unless Paul mentioned Johnson’s worthy credentials.

        I agree that Paul’s answer to that question was weak.

  10. joel


    1. Hardy Macia


      Has Ron Paul fixed anything before? Show me his track record?

      Gary Johnson fixed NM. He turned around NM’s economy.

      Gary Johnson is the only candidate with a positive favorable rating in their home states.

      1. Cliff Hutchison

        Paul’s efforts at auditing the Federal Reserve resulted in the largest audit yet, showing how foreign banks and corporations were bailed out in the past 3 years.

        He has fixed roads and bridges in his district by making sure to get his constituent’s fair share of Federal money they are forced to pay in taxes.

        How can a Congressman “fix anything” more than this?

        You’re previous comments have been fair and logical but this comment falsely equates the powers of a Governor with the powers of a Congressman.

  11. Truth

    The polls clearly show that Romney is still hanging around at the top and Cain is surging as the frontrunner. Both candidates are now reaching into the 30s and 40s in these state and national polls which means the lesser second tier candidates should now get out of the race. Their presence now is only serving their own egos as they try to attack Cain and Romney which is actually helping the democrats. If Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry had any honor, they would get the hint that the polls are telling them that its time to go for the good of the two candidates who obviously have the majority of the support, Cain and Romney.

  12. Glenn Koons, LB, Ca.

    Frankly, I would love to see Newt win the nomination. He is the anti-Romney. I like Cain, but do not think he can win nationally. If he gets the nomination, you bet I vote. Anybody by Obama. Still ,Newt is the only guy who has solutions and his Contract at Newt.org is filled with them. He is brilliant and can out debate anybody, Cain,Mitt or Bama. Too bad that people will not forgive his flaws though America apparently forgave JFK, Bobby, Teddy, Clinton. Yikes.

    1. Lanette

      lol! the nishad mon driver is nuts! its too funny, how does he drive like that? hehe, i couldnt stop laughing at that one.I dont drive here, but my bf does and he told me, there really are people on the road that reverse when they miss their turns and the other day, I saw morktbioes go up on the sidewalk to bypass traffic on our way to delhi.

  13. suzy000

    The Romney team spent precious time and assets attacking Perry…this is why he will never win the nomination. His campaign always misses the mark.

  14. packeryman

    Cain is a one trick pony with his highly flawed 9-9-9 plan. First the far right was looking for anybody to support, then came Perry and they rallied behind him, only to see him for what he is a jerk and a poor debater. They cast him aside and went for a new rising star(Cain), as this 9-9-9 plan is vetted they will dump him and probably go back with Perry due to the amount of money and advertising people he can hire. If so, that is good for the nation as Perry will lose big time in a national election. You would have to live here in TX to see what has happened to our state under the hand of Perry as governor. We are highest in the nation with uninsured drivers, those without healthcare insurance, high school dropouts, and pregnant teenagers. We are 34th in education an Perry cut 4 billion from the education budget(that should send us to the bottom,we are equal to Mississippi i n those drawing minimum wage(they are on the bottom), we are 48 in hourly wage rate, we have very few workers that have good pensions, healthcare insurance, annuities, etc. This state fights unemployment insurance and many workers are not covered by workmen’s compensation. Many think Perry is a shill for corporate. He got wealthy in office and is yet to be vetted with his relationships to big oil, big pharma(vaccine debacle) and the insurance industry. We now have some of the highest home owners insurance in the country, it use to be $500 or $1000 deductible and now it is 2% up of appraised value(appraised value is equal to market). This guy wanted to secede from the union, women wanting an abortion have to view a doctor administered sonogram before receiving it( this is the same bunch of hypocrites that don’t want the government in their healthcare) only when its to their liking. He is a globalists, wanted to build the Trans Texas Highway and take land through eminent domain. This guy is a disaster and we Independents will never vote for this clown, he has got a lot of money to spend from corporate.

    1. dave brillig

      Truth be told, I bet Ron Paul would kick Perry’s ass in a Texas shoot-out.

      1. packeryman

        Ron Paul consistently wins in his Republican district but the word on the street in Texas is that he cannot win a state wide race. He has good ideas about bringing home all the troops and closing all foreign bases, renegotiating our failed free trade policies into fair trade agreements. He carries too many wedge issues, too much support from the bible thumpers and tea baggers to ever win in a national election. The GOP want give him the time of the day because of his stand on so called free trade, troop and war/occupations and legalization of marijuana.In our Republican district we have had meetings shut down because the Ron Paul supporters were strong and about to take control. Ron Paul is going nowhere in the Republican party. That is sad because he is an honest man and head and shoulders above the other candidates. The GOP will never let him become the nominee.

  15. Elly

    Mun kokemus soija- tai kauramaidosta kahvissa on sama: se leikkaa aina. Mutta ongelma ei ole itse maidossa, vaan kahvissa; tummapaahtoisissa kahveissa (epysessotypspiret) vaihtoehtomaidot toimii, kuten normimaitokin.

  16. vegas world

    //பிடிக்காத கணவனோடு சேர்ந்து சலிப்போடு வாழ்வதை விட, வேறொரு ஆணுடன் இரகசியக் கள்ள உறவு வைத்துக் கொண்டு போலித்தனமாக வாழ்வதைவிட,// அப்படிப்பட்ட கணவனுக்கு தெரியாமல் மனைவு பிற ஆண்களுடன் கள்ளத் தொடர்பை பாதுக்காப்புடன் வைத்துக் கொள்ள வேண்டும் என்று திருவாளர் டோண்டு சொல்லிவருகிறார். //மணவிலக்கு பெற்று, மறுமணம் செய்து கொள்வது, பாலியல் சுதந்திரத்தைவிட, முற்போக்கானது மட்டுமல்ல் சமூக ரீதியில் ஏற்றுக் கொள்ளக் கூடியதும், நியாயமானதும்கூட.//சரிதான், மண முறிவுகள் அனைத்திற்கும் பாலுறவு, கள்ளத்த் தொடர்பு பிரச்சனைகள் எதுவும் இல்லாத வேறு காரணங்களும் உள்ளன.

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