Jan 07 2012

Romney Drops and Pack Gains in 2012 New Hampshire Primary Straw Poll

Mitt Romney still maintains a strong lead over his closest rival Ron Paul in the most recent 2012NewHampshirePrimary.com online Straw Poll. The big surprise is the recent surge of former Louisiana Governor, Buddy Roemer. Roemer has received little to no press, yet he managed 14% in a virtual 5-way tie for second.

Vote now in the final 2012 New Hampshire Primary Straw Poll.

Final Poll Results:

Who will win the 2012 New Hampshire Primary?

Mitt Romney (26%, 2,247 Votes)
Ron Paul (16%, 1,401 Votes)
Rick Santorum (15%, 1,276 Votes)
Jon Hunstman (14%, 1,221 Votes)
Newt Gingrich (14%, 1,201 Votes)
Buddy Roemer (14%, 1,180 Votes)
Rick Perry (1%, 178 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,704
*Online Straw Poll where each IP address only gets one vote. (Not scientific).


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  1. JustmeinNe

    And still Buddy is left out of the debates again. What are they afraid of? So with no air time, he is able to tie three others. What would happen if he got past the me.dia blockade, and the undecided voters get to hear him? I guess we will never know, until someone gets their heads out, and be fair, listen to the people, not what the media tells us

  2. D Frantom

    If Buddy Roemer has 14%, the same as Huntsman and Gingrich, why can’t he be in the debates? I think this is so very wrong and do not understand why he is being shut out. How can we have freedom of choice when we are only allowed to hear from a select few. Please allow him in the debates.

  3. Joel

    Why don’t the networks use this poll to determine who gets to participate in their debates? Buddy Roemer should be heard!

  4. Oscar

    Ron Paul 2012….

  5. Carol

    Tjhey are afraid of Buddy’s message. Very afraid!

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