Dec 07 2011

Romney Edges Gingrich, Paul and Huntsman in Close New Hampshire Straw Poll

romney_walk_nhNew Hampshire favorite Mitt Romney held off the surging Newt Gingrich to register a victory in the 3rd 2012NewHamsphirePrimary.com Straw Poll beating him by just 9 votes.
Previous winner Ron Paul showed strong with 19% of the vote while Jon Huntsman looks as if he is starting to pick up steam and finished in fourth with a strong 18% of the vote.

Who will win the 2012 New Hampshire Primary?

Mitt Romney (21%, 807 Votes)
Newt Gingrich (20%, 798 Votes)
Ron Paul (19%, 752 Votes)
Jon Hunstman (18%, 718 Votes)
Hermain Cain (8%, 301 Votes)
Gary Johnson (6%, 219 Votes)
Rick Perry (4%, 167 Votes)
Rick Santourm (3%, 125 Votes)
Michele Bachmann (1%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,919
*Voters vote online and can only vote once.


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  1. Joel

    Ron Paul! The only one with plan to balance the budget! http://www.ronpaul2012.com/the-issues/ron-paul-plan-to-restore-america/

  2. Laurie Shuck

    I registered Republican to vote for Ron Paul! End the wars! Bring the troops home!

  3. Mike Crawford

    Why does the poll results above not match the results and the top of the poll? Care to answer that for me?

    1. cfarino

      Try to follow the dates of the polls.

  4. Peter Cornstalk

    Newt Gingrich cheated on 2 wives and is on his 3rd. He is the first and only Speaker with ethics violations. He had 84 of the and $300,000 in fines. He is untrustworthy and dangerous for the country. He will sell us out to the highest bidder. This guy is the personification of what is wrong with the leadership in this country.

  5. Casper

    Maybe we should re-think our foreign policy.



  6. Connie Bennett

    Uhhhh…. Your article is contradictory to the winning votes in your poll!!! You may want to rewrite your article!!!

    1. cfarino

      Uhhhh, no it is not. That straw poll is closed. A new one has started.

  7. gerald hill

    Ron Paul beat by 55 votes isn’t that in margin of error?

    1. cfarino

      There are not margins of error in Straw Polls. With that said, it is a dead heat.

  8. James Smith

    When is the mainstream media going to tell the truth. Ron Paul is the front runner….Period

  9. Rose

    Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate that has a chance to beat Obama in 2012. Dr. Paul has a large independent following, as well as a lot of republicans. But what the GOP needs to consider is that a lot if not most of the democrats that voted for Obama are now fans of Ron Paul. If the GOP doesn’t wise up and run Ron Paul they are going to be handing Obama 4 more years!

  10. mark mcpherson

    I am a long term Democrat that has decided to vote for Ron Paul. End the war. End the corruption.

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