Feb 03 2016

Pre Iowa Caucus Results Poll Results Summary

Below is a collection of recent polls tracked by Real Clear Politics.  Donald Trump has been in firm command of the state, but the recent Iowa Caucus results are guaranteed to shake things up.
It is true that New Hampshire tends to counter Iowa’s pick with one of its own, but this election is not like others. Trump is in firm command with one week to go, but the momentum is clearly in Marco Rubio’s hands and he is the threat to Donald Trump. Luckily for Trump he will be flanked by three solid “establishment” candidates (Christie, Bush, and Kasich). So while the money and the party may rally around Rubio, with less than a week to go the aforementioned candidates will likely split the votes enough to let Trump win.
Ted Cruz is a tough sale in New Hampshire but he will get his slice.
In the end, the question is how low can the pack keep Trump (under 30% is a victory) and who can finish #2. If Rubio can muster enough to grab second, he may have enough momentum to ride through the south like Sherman.
On the other hand, if Trump can crush his opponents in New Hampshire, he could deliver a serious blow to Rubio and either end or critically damage all other candidates.
Of course everything changes if the first post Iowa poll shows new data. Stay Tuned!

Poll Summary

Trump — 33.7%
Cruz —– 11.5%
Kasich — 11.3
Bush —- 10.5%
Rubio — 10.2%
Christie – 5.8%
Fiorina — 3.5%
Carson — 3.2%
Paul —- 2.8

polling summary

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