Newt Gingrich Takes Your Calls

Newt Gingrich
Watch candidate Newt Gingrich take calls and answer the people’s questions on CSPAN.


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  1. Tony N

    Newt whatcha going do about this ???

    The Day the Dollar Died



  2. MadCharles

    In contrast to watching Newt Town Hall meeting at the armory I walked away from Rick Santorum’s Town Hall when the prep guy asked how many people are from New Hampshire and I saw one hand go up at the Barn in Hollis. Nearly everyone was from out of state or reporters. That’s sad for people that supposedly take a candidate serious. Equally sad was the New Hampshire high school candidate debate whose students overwhelmingly voted for Ron Paul. New Hampshire did a great job taking over the legislature now some one check what the hell is going on in the public schools.
    Newts Town Hall was riveting with facts and solutions beyond the pre-packaged questions and drama I’m fed up with.

  3. MadCharles

    And another thing. If you had vision you’d see today’s world offers a great opportunity for a downsized military to be overwhelmed overnight. However Obama has a plan he quietly outlined during his hope and change campaign. It’s called The Community Service Act;every 18 year old would be required to preform two years of community service.
    When the next 911 or dirty bomb explodes many new laws will be made in haste. The CSA will be one. When the downsized military is suddenly overwhelmed CSA will suddenly pluck your eighteen to twenty-seven year old son or daughter off Main Street, as I was in 1970, and you’ll find them in CSA – DRAFT…

  4. NewtsArmy

    I get it! Romney can hammer the Hell out of Newt, but it’s framed as “going negative” if the Newt campaign uses Romney’s past record. “GOT IT!”

  5. MadCharles

    Just saw Romney. He had teleprompter answers, boxed answers and little substance. Romney’s 40% negative ads in Iowa showed Romney’s afraid of Newt.

  6. Judythe Carson

    Newt, I saw this coming. Continue to lower yourself to infighting with the other candidates and we are literally HANDING OBAMA A SECOND TERM! The candidates have gotten off track: That would be speaking about OBAMA’S failure during his occupancy of the White House. And, he is partying and laughing and coasting toward a re-election.
    I couldn’t even get a sign to put up in support of Newt, but, now with the “going negative” (call it what you want), I’m not sure about my vote. The people aren’t stupid. Go ahead. Hand OBAMA a second term.
    Where is the Newt that spoke about the issues? Where is the Newt who wanted to debate Obama and even let him bring his teleprompter along.

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