Jan 23 2015

Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush Moving Toward Clash in New Hampshire

jeb bush 2016 electionMitt Romney launched his last campaign for president at a New Hampshire farm, relied upon a New Hampshire victory to fuel his strategy to win the nomination and even posed the photos of his last family Christmas card on the shores of a New Hampshire lake where he still owns a home.

But whatever home-field advantage the Republican Party’s 2012 nominee might have in New Hampshire is fading as the campaign begins in earnest, as Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and other potential GOP candidates for president seek support among establishment-minded donors, elected officials and voters in the nation’s first primary state.

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  1. Michelle

    My message is for all we’ve been going thru for a all the Hispanics here is Florida and they wand they want us to learn there launage , I apologize I’m American I was born in the U.S.A and if they don’t like that tough , this is America not Ports Rico if they want to come here to stay then they need to learn our launge if not send them back home , their driving A if they don’t know English so how can they read the signs with out causing accidents Mexicans came here to work to learn English but not them… Us Americans need to learn Ports Rican oh heck No … I’m full blooded American and happy about it … God Bless the U.S.A

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