Aug 13 2015

Kasich, Cruz, & Fiorina Surge in New Poll, Trump Remains Atop

John KasichPortsmouth, NH. – A poll conducted in the days following the recent debate among Republican presidential hopefuls has re-shaped the contest in New Hampshire.
These results are based on a recent Franklin Pierce University / Boston Herald Poll conducted by RKM Research and Communications, August 7-10, 2015. The survey is based on responses from 414 randomly selected likely Republican primary voters. Interviews were conducted by landline and cellular telephone. The sampling margin of error is +/- 4.8 percent.


Trump — 18%
Bush — 13%
Kasich —- 12%
Cruz —– 10%
Fiorina – 9%
Paul —– 6%
Carson — 4%
Rubio —- 4%
Walker —- 4%
Huckabee – 3%
Christie – 3%

How the poll has changed since March


Even though Trump leads in the poll the voters of New Hampshire believe Jeb Bush will win the nomination.


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