Jul 14 2015

John Kasich’s First New Hampshire Town Hall – Cleveland.com

BARRINGTON, N.H. — Town halls are a staple of New Hampshire politics — a way for underdog presidential contenders to buy some goodwill and generate some word-of-mouth buzz in the state that comes first on the primary calendar.

For Ohio Gov. John Kasich, it was more like an item to cross off his to-do list.

Before heading to his first such forum Monday night at a turbo-machinery plant here, the Republican shrugged off questions about the rite of passage.

“I don’t quite know what a town hall is,” said Kasich, who spent two days stumping and collecting footage for new TV ads in the Granite State. “They ask me questions everywhere I go, right? That’s all part of how the gig works up here.”

The Kasich who took the microphone a few hours later was no Chris Christie. The New Jersey governor, to whom Kasich is sometimes compared, is betting that his brash candor will carry him to town hall glory in the race for the White House.

Full Article: John Kasich’s first New Hampshire town hall caps latest visit to first presidential primary state | cleveland.com

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