Feb 05 2016

Hillary Flexes Her Muscles and Cuts Sanders Lead Down to 9 Points

hill new hampSanders has led the state by as much as 30%. Strong debates have helped Clinton’s numbers rise in recent New Hampshire primary polls.

Bernie Sanders – 50%
Hillary Clinton — 41%
Undecided ——— 9%

The statewide survey of 500 likely New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary voters was conducted Jan. 19-21, 2016, using live telephone interviews and a split sample of landline and cell phone numbers. The margin of error is +/-4.4 percentage points at a 95 percent level of confidence. Marginals and full cross-tabulation data are posted on the Suffolk University Political Research Center website.


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  1. Ali

    Go Hillary! Experience and brains!

    1. CHARLES


    2. CHARLES


      1. George

        Charles, are you off your meds again?

        1. Anonymous

          I know ! Bush and the evil republicans really need to answer for this! How dare these God fearing republicans scapegoat yet another great Democrat!!! Shame on them! Hey! has Bush and Cheney answered for their part in all of this!! I am so sorry that they srcewed you like this!! You deserve better. Let’s just hope the evil that be, doesn’t cheat a great leader like Hilary out of the chance to correct all of their mistakes. Sorry that they have been fooling you for so long. They shall answer to the God that use for political favor! in the end. Amen!!

    3. Anonymous

      Brains? Hillary and brains in the same sentence? Stop lying to yourself. If you only did half the effort of finding things with a brain you would end up voting for Bernie. Look at the debates. Look who beats around the bush and stretches their answers without actually giving an answer. Come on…you’re smarter than this. If you have a brain you would vote for Bernie

      1. Anonymous

        Brains people have, how they use them is another thing! The reason I am voting for Hilary Clinton vs this guy bernie from brooklyn is simply because I stick to my convictions, I am older and wiser then the young brainy philosophical generation that is only a repeat of past mistakes made. See fella, I not only use my brain, I see through the rhetoric of guys like bernnie. He is selling people nothing but dreams and using personality and grandpa type tools to sell these young innocent people a crock of shit!! you know! people like you. I think for myself, I see for myself, and I know for sure what rumors and innuendos can do to ones reputation, and how one person can stand alone and still fight the good fight, as the Clinton’s have always done. Isn’t it amazing how people can turn their backs on a sure bet, just when somebody comes along and offers the same thing so many have in the past. If it is to good to be true, don’t believe it! Use your brain, your heart, and know it for what it is. See guy, this guy bernie, who is not working in full capacity of brain power, is praying on stupitity. Remember, he has run as a republican several times and loves to play on both sides of the fence. Hilary is not only stronger than the almighty anti-christ, bernie, she understands the inside rules, you know, keep your enemies closer! Bernie Sanders is just another opprotunist, and by the way, he is a Washington insider, who is using a style brand that causes reaction from just the people he knew he could fool!! ya know! people like you!! The reason our society falters is because of thinkers like you! you must just love the drama!! I myself hate reality shows and see through the mirror of lies and common biases that turn postive figures into demontic ones! Now! start using your brain! Or the otherside Wins!!! Next!

        1. Ivan

          That’s the whole problem. You are sticking to your convictions. You have been fooled so many times that you can’t see a good person when there is one. You can literally look at Bernie Sanders track record and see what he has done. Don’t get me wrong you are probably a lot older than I am and my dad always told me that there is one thing that I will never have that he will always have, which is the experience. Now with that being said, an experience is NOT always the best teacher. Experience simply means that you’ve seen more, done more and, therefore, are SUPPOSED to know better.
          And I think philosophy is a great place to start because even though you have more experience in life I could have more experience in certain subjects in life because of my interest. For example, you are not going to debate with a young person that knows how to program if you have never touched a computer in your life. The younger person may have found a new and smarter solution but you won’t change your mind JUST because you are so stuck to your convictions.
          You said: “I think for myself, I see for myself, and I know for sure what rumors…” Everybody thinks for themselves, we are just influenced by everything we’re surrounded with. You did not learn your ABC’s by yourself. We are a society and everything you think you know is only based on the information you were able to find. In no way does this mean that whatever you think is the truth, it is just your truth. If you want I can give you a list of the times Hillary Clinton contradicted herself. It’s a long list so only ask for it if you really want to know.

          I never use my heart. I use my brain and I use logic. My brain controls everything that I do. I don’t make decisions based on emotions. I don’t know Bernie or Hillary personally so I don’t have any emotions for them. All I have is their debates, speeches, and track record. And Bernie Sanders beats any Clinton on those matters.

          Secondly (and a bit of topic) anti-christ? Don’t get me wrong believe in whatever it is you want to believe. But calling someone an antichrist is not a very strong argument. Firstly there are over 4200 religions WITHOUT their sub-branches. Everybody just believes what they want to believe. Secondly believe has nothing to do with anything. There are good people who are an atheist and there are good people who are religious. And Bernie is a good person, you calling him the antichrist just shows what kind of person you are. (again look at the track record).

          Keep your enemies closer? The idea should be to see no enemies. We’re humans. We disagree and it’s okay. The only enemy in the world is your own thoughts which make you believe all the illusions that you just stated.

          There is no such thing as “people like me”. I am the only me there is. Don’t try to put everything in a box. I made my decisions based on the facts that were provided, not because “people like me” want me to do that.

          One of the only positive things I saw in your long text was you calling me a thinker. Shows that not everyone has the gift to think. Some just blindly follow without knowing that they are just blindly following. You look like you need a cane to walk because you are clearly not using your eyes. I don’t blame you though. Just take this lesson as I took it from my dad: The moment you start to learn more, is the moment you realize that there more to learn. ..and there is always more to learn

          (sorry for the bad English, it is not my first language. )

    4. Vicki Stuart

      She should win in a landslide!

    5. Anonymous

      Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes go Hillary. Maby gust Maby you can get us out of this mess we are in .. and please bring our jobs back to the U.S.A.

  2. Alan

    Sanders would be a nice VP, fighting for the poor and middle class, but Clinton can get things done and is much more experienced internationally.

    1. CHARLES


    2. CHARLES


    3. Geri J.

      The only group who will benefit from a Hillary presidency are the people who are paying for her to play — Wall Strret, Big Pharma, and the like. As for Bernie — while he didn’t grandstand on a lot of big bills, he quietly became the congressional king of amendments — most of which removed or added things to benefit the average person. So he does get things done, he just never sought maximum publicity for it.

      1. Anonymous

        OK Bernie

    4. Anonymous

      Sanders would be an EXCELLENT president. Don’t believe the hype of getting things done. Everybody can get things done. The problem with this is that you have to get it done RIGHT. You can’t build on a broken house. Tear the house down and start again. It’s not for 8 years, it’s for the next 10000 years! Let’s fix it with a true leader which, if you didn’t get it by now, is Bernie Sanders

  3. Jack

    Sanders is just talk, he always has been. Hillary did more in 6 years as a senator than he has in his career, namely chip.
    Clinton 2016

    1. CHARLES


      1. George

        Nobody cares.

    2. Ivan

      Sanders is just talk? Let’s start by analyzing your comment. The problem is not the talking, the problem is the people who are not listening when he is talking. And I can’t blame him because no matter HOW you talk, people will blindly follow whatever they want to follow even though there is a lot of evidence against the same thing they follow.
      Hillary may have done something, bu doing something is not the same as doing the right thing. IS is doing something…Hitler did something…everybody does something. But you need someone who does the RIGHT thing and by far that’s Bernie

      1. Mark T reality check!!

        Good!! now that you know the meaning of listening!! start doing it!! and by the way your writing reflects, that you are not a good listener. Go back to school, have some real life experiences, go within your self, and mind you it’s painful!! Either go in a realistic direction, or ride Bernie’s pink cloud to a place that just doesn’t exist!!

      2. Mark T reality check!!

        Good!! now that you know the meaning of listening!! start doing it!! and by the way your writing reflects, that you are not a good listener. Go back to school, have some real life experiences, go within your self, and mind you it’s painful!! Either go in a realistic direction, or ride Bernie’s pink cloud to a place that just doesn’t exist!! We will be waiting!!

    3. Mark T reality check!!

      Great idea! meanwhile can we stay with you while they are rebuilding. Get real!!!

    4. Mark T reality check!!

      Frankly, I think the almighty bernie should run for God!! while great leaders like the Clintons take care of things down here, where dancing with the devil is the norm in Washington!! Great leadership, has nothing to do with personal values!! and all to do with humanity, despite our differences. No one group, especially those that have their blessings met, should consider themselves a priority!! The Clinton’s know that! Oh and buy the way, does anyone even know what being in Hilary shoes is like? Ya want to talk honestly? Go within yourself!! You want the know truth. Keep looking!! This is the real world Babe!! Every politician that would like you to believe that Hilary cannot be trusted……Can not be trusted!! Wake up and smell the politics. If you found a reason to not like Hilary, then you were looking for it!! Glad your not my friend!!! Next!!

  4. Linda

    If you quit listening to the media who always tears her down you would see a great person. Go hillary!

    1. CHARLES


      1. Mark T reality check!!

        Now what would a persons day be without a message from an advocate of the devil himself!! It is amazing how your party preaches God! and fuels hell at the same time!! I am sorry that Bush and Cheney have clarified your soul!! We don’t want your soul. You are the reason we need affordable education. The real God awaits you!!!! He is with eveyrone……even Obama!!

  5. Anonymous

    Hillary will only side with rich, experience in what? Knowing how to play same old tricks.

    1. CHARLES


  6. Anonymous

    If you stop listening to the exploitation of media and be fair, you’ll agree that Hilary is the most qualified person to move our country forward in this presidential race
    Go Hillary !

    1. CHARLES


      1. Lisa G

        So full of anger.
        Go Hillary!!

  7. Nancy

    Charles, take a chills pill. Should only say thing when you absolutely know the fact.
    Hillary 2016

    1. Anonymous

      He knows the facts, that’s why he is screaming at you to wake up.

      1. Mark T reality check!!

        The facts have been there all along!! He is screaming absolutely nothing knew!! He is just a new face in the crowd babe!! We have a great candidate for what ails Washington! This guy Bernie is just selling you a mountain, with no possible way to get to the valley!! Hilary will throw you a rope, and even climb with you! and there is no one like Bill to fill you in on the details! Bernie aint got thing on him baby!!

      2. Mark T reality check!!

        He is screaming at you, out of lack of understanding and human experience!! The anger is tapped into by guys like Bernie and the far right, that exploits the same people who defend it!! What fools!! Some people don’t have to die to go to hell!! They simply volunteer. Shame!!

  8. Rachael

    Hillary is only loyal to her wealthy establishment contributors. Bernie Sanders wants REAL change, and the values he’s stands for are the same values he’s stood for his entire political career. Hillary parrots the views of her highest payers and the voters she wants to trick into voting for her (as well as Bernie’s speeches to trap his voters too). I’m not saying that if she wins, the US will collapse like it would if a Republican would win, I’m saying that nothing would change. The rich would continue to get richer and the middle class will continue to shrink. Bernie fights for the people, but he can’t get it done without the support of his grassroots revolution. Please vote for Bernie and donate anything you can to his campaign, he wants a better America for us little guys.

    1. Sharon

      Rachael, it’s just not true. That is teenage talk. Grow up.

      1. Geri J.

        Sharon — To call someone who disagrees with you “teenage” is not only insulting, it renders your argument ineffective. Sanders supporters include people of all ages, all social classes, and all education levels. And all of them are smart enough to realize that no one and no industry gives any person millions of dollars in large single donations without expecting a payback in their favor. And Clinton has received millions from Wall Street and other entities like Big Pharma. That is a fact. As is, “He Who Pays Plays.”

        1. Sharon

          Just because someone gives you money because they agree with your policies, it doesn’t mean they are automatically corrupt. That is the charge, and it is the teenage revolutionary mindset. You need to have facts and evidence when you are having adulate debate.
          Grow up and learn the facts. Hillary is NOT corrupt. So either prove it or close your mouth.

          1. Geri J.

            Sharon — Again, the notion of civil discourse has completely escaped you. However, if you would like proof, it is found in the difference in her antipathy to the bankruptcy reforms (which hurt consumers) while she was First Lady, which transformed into support of the same “reforms” when she was Senator Clinton, whose campaign had received much financial support from the banking and credit card industries.

          2. Mark T reality check!!

            Only proving people of all ages can be ignorant an naive!!! Get wise and open your eyes! Grandpa benie is selling you a refurb of a package that has failed us in the past!! The other side is laughing at all of you brainless individuals who at one time were devoted to Hilary! Glad your not my friends. I love people who do not listen to rumor, who know their stuff and truly stick to their guns. But go head, play follow the leader and save the world! ya da ya da!!!!

          3. Mark T reality check!!

            Very well put!!! Now let’s start really vetting Bernie. With facts, mind you!! When you are young or from a place of conformed perspective, you can become a victim of political manipulation. I am blessed to have been very observant of all of this over my years! I see politics in ways that others are not clear on!! Bernie is playing on the psycho-social , fed up parts of society, as the republicans have always done. Fear!! Dismay!! Dysfunction!! and of course hopes!! Hilary on the other hand, has a real approach, and I am certain just from meeting her and feeling that positive energy from both her and Bill, that she speaks of these things, even on Wall street!! Everybody in Washington gets paid babe!! Let’s Vet them now!! I do not blame all of the others running for office for saying what they need to, to be elected! I blame the ignorance of voters who will buy into anything!! and call that brains!! Get real!! They are the truest of phonies!! Which is a reflection on a society of voters!! Wow! not good!!

        2. Sharon

          Well there it is, evidence. She had “antipathy” 20 years ago as a first lady about something. That corrupt bitch! You changed my mind. (BTW first ladies don’t accept political donations) Weak.
          She was also against gay marriage, but we live in a different world and she has evolved with it as we all should.
          This is not evidence. This is you desperately grasping at straws when asked to present facts.

        3. Carl

          Geri you sound like you have drank the anti-Clinton punch. It’s too bad, he was a great president and she will be one too.

      2. Ivan

        Teenage talk? Really? Well if you want to put it that way I guess teenagers have more common sense than you. I encourage you to take some lessons in Logic and Reasoning.
        We are not saying that because someone gives you money you will automatically be corrupt BUT take a look at this little story:
        Let’s say I have my own company. I truly love it and want to expand it. I know that I don’t have enough money to do that so I step up to an investor and ask him to borrow me some money. The investor responds is: “Sure, but instead of an investment I want 51% of your stocks”. You agree. This investor now owns 51% of ‘your company’. One day you decide to introduce a new concept. You think it will work just fine, the day before you want to launch it the investor walks up to you and says: “I don’t like this”. Now since he owns 51% of ‘your’ company he can actually TELL you to stop what you’re doing and you must listen.
        Now don’t tell me that someone is willing to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into someone because they like that person. I like you because eventually you will do something for me. I don’t think you even realize how far power goes.
        Use logic and vote for Bernie

  9. Jennifer h

    They have been tearing her down for 20 years. The establishment doesn’t want a woman.
    Too bad!
    Hillary 2016!!!

    1. Anonymous

      They have been tearing her down because she is a big bundle of shit NOT because she is a woman. Stop lying to yourself. Women are amazing and should get a chance at becoming the president but not this woman. If you’re only voting for her because she is a woman you are as blind as the people that followed Hitler into war. “Ow look he is just as poor as I am…let’s follow him.”
      Vote for the person that actually cares about woman! Vote BERNIE!

      1. Mark T reality check!!

        Stop being a follower! The only ones who are full of shit! are the ones who have convinced you!! Be better than that! I love being unique!! Find your uniqueness, we have enough ignorance in this world! Do you really even know who Bernie is? Are you a true democrat? Do you care? Hey! what an idea! let’s start vetting the voters. Tell me about you. Now mind you, I can take that information and spin it anyway I like. Now since I am a better writer than you, and by the sounds of it, much more understanding of the subject matter! I can make you look pretty bad! Now how would it feel to you if you were rumored to have done something and have to continually defend your reputation? Meanwhile back at the farm!! Stop being like everyone else!! You are better that!! Hilary is a great lady! Get to know her like I have. Bernie can live in your dreams! because that is the only place he can accomplish what he is setting out to do! stop play in to the republicans! They just love that!!

      2. Vicki Stuart

        My dear Anonymous you have issues. Perhaps you should lie down and rest somewhere. I admire your passion but not the logic behind your posts. Oh, and did your mother share with you that it is not nice to call the person you oppose a big bundle of (I will use the term excrement instead of what you wrote). Good luck to you and best wishes for the new you in 2016!

  10. Jennifer h

    Girl power! !!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Why is it that when I click on news about Bernie Sanders I end up getting news about Hillary Clinton. Stop the bullshit and post news in the categories where they belong.

    1. Mark T reality check!!

      Because, we want to unbrainwash you. Now wake up and smell the politics. The real world is calling. Don’t worry, Bernie will be waiting for you in your dreams.

      1. Ivan

        Mark, I already schooled you in the comments above. Your inability to respond to that shows what kind of person you are. Narrow minded af. It’s kind of sad to see that you are so far in the illusion that the illusion became your reality. Don’t respond to my comments without any facts I don’t want your emotions.

  12. Anonymous

    Here is a list of things Hillary clinton lied about (WITH SOURCE)

    Claiming she did not vote for Iraq war despite she actually voted for it…

    Declaring that she opposes the trade bill she pushed 45 times…

    Telling how she told Wall Street to ‘Cut it out’ (whatever that means) during the banking crisis, despite she didn’t…

    Talking about having tried to join the Marines despite she hadn’t…

    Claiming to be a progressive while at the same time calling herself a centrist…

    Boasting her support for minority rights and criticizing criminal system despite she pushed the Crime bill that shoved minorities in prison…

    Ok there are A LOT more things that she lied about but I’m too tired to search for all the links. Here is the list nonetheless:
    -Talking about peace while being a warmonger…
    -Saying that massive Wall Street donations do not change her mind despite they do…
    -Talking about how she opposes Wall Street despite she doesn’t…
    -Hillary Clinton Dared Us To Find “Her Support For Wall Street”…
    -Boasting how she is ‘fighting for the common people’ while she isn’t…

    If you can find me one wrong thing Bernie Sanders said I will gladly look into it because up untill now, there is litteraly NONE. SO VOTE BERNIE

    1. Vicki Stuart

      There you go again, adrift from reality.

  13. Debbie

    Hillary is the only viable option for POTUS. Obama spent the last 7 years digging us out of the mess Bush and the Republicans created. Now Hillary needs to step in to continue the good work already started.
    I have complete faith in Hillary, but I find myself fearful that if Bernie gets in there, he will be a one-term Pres., who will accomplish very little and then allow the Republicans to take the WH back. That = disaster to me.
    Hillary 2016!!

  14. JIM

    This country is known for its smart people who can do almost anything. But so many people are not smart enough to listen to the right a person who can get us out of this mess we are in . Take a few minutes to listen to Hillary Clinton speek and watch her as she talks. Her expression in her face can tell you she really means what she says. Hillary please never give up. Not just for me but for the great country we live in again please please please don’t ever give up. Go Hillary

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