Oct 12 2011

Herman Cain New Front Runner in Poll

herman-cainIn a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey shows Herman Cain has surpassed Mitt Romney in a national poll. Rick Perry, who was sinking, has settled in at 16% followed by Ron Paul at 11%. One time top-tier candidate, Michele Bachmann, has fallen to an inconsequential 5%.

The poll shows that the majority of Republicans are still seeking a candidate other than Mitt Romney for the nomination and that they are willing to give Herman Cain a chance.


Poll Results

Herman Cain ——– 27%

Mitt Romney –——- 23%

Rick Perry ———— 16%

Ron Paul ————- 11%

Newt Gingrich ——- 8%

Michele Bachmann – 5%

Jon Huntsman ——- 3%

*Interviews: 1000 adults, including 200 cell phone only respondents Date: October 6-10, 2011
GOP Primary Voters: An oversample of 81 interviews was conducted to achieve
a total of 336 GOP Primary Voters.

Source: MSNBC/Wallstreet Journal


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  1. RioSam

    Plain to see there are still a whole lot of really stupid people in the republican party..
    RON PAUL 2012

    1. Joe Conservative

      Gee – at least that wasn’t an arrogant comment. < sarcasm

      Ron Paul supporters often disparage those who aren't rabid supporters of Paul, calling them idiots, fools, stupid, on and on. Why is that? Ron Paul has good intentions, and is smart, and libertarian, but would leave us weak as Hell in National Defense against foreign threats. That's one reason you "really smart people" won't get your guy the title of President of the United States of America.

      neither Barack Obama or Ron Paul in 2012 –
      Maybe Herman Cain

      1. Heavystarch

        Joe – you are wrong about Ron Paul on National Defense. He would actually stregnthen our national defense and here is why.

        1. He would bring all the troops home. That means all our military forces are concentrated here at home – where they can provide the MOST National Defense (instead of over in the middle east where they just cause more hatred of the US due to our occupation – go read Robert Pape’s massive study on Blowback and Occupation).

        2. Ron Paul is a strong supporter for defending our borders. Go to his site to read about his plan on how we can strengthen our borders without building a super fence on the border.

        3. Ron Paul would not send BILLIONS of dollars every year to middle eastern dictators. This speaks for itself. Why should we tax the American People and send that money to places like Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Libya etc when many of those places are run by Dictator-like rulers?

        4. Ron Paul would pardon all non violent drug offenders and work to repeal our extensively harmful War on Drugs (The Prohibition Era II). This would help take down the murderous drug cartels in Mexico and other countries supplying the US with illegal drugs. Take out the black market profits and the gangs will dwindle without that profit. This will reduce gang warfare in the US and in Mexico. Saving tens of thousands of lives in the process. We could divert the money spent on incarcerating pot smokers and instead use it to treat addicts who need our help (not prison sentences). Then we can put a small tax on pot/drugs and rake in Billions. Double savings!

        So again Joe you’re wrong about Ron Paul. He would be the strongest commander in Chief this nation has ever seen and would make sure we are the most secure nation on Earth. You can take that to the bank.

  2. RioSam

    Now do you see the results of this poll on the right of this page? This is much more like the way the National Poll should read..So what is up with these national polls? I know I am a registered voter and I never get included in any of these polls…
    Seems to me there is something very much amiss here!

    RON PAUL 2012

  3. Larry

    Come on, Herman Cain? He is not serious contender. 999 is not going to fly either.
    Mitt Romney shouldn’t even be a Republican. Not in 2012.
    Rick Santourm is one of the better candidates up there, but he gets no press. I would vote for him as prez, or he’d make a good VP.
    If nobody else steps in, I guess Ron Paul is my second choice.

    1. Joe Conservative

      “Come on, Herman Cain? He is not serious contender.”

      That is just your opinion, Larry. A serious contender would be getting high numbers in the polls. Wait – Herman Cain is ahead in several of ’em. Hmmm… seems your opinion is a bit wet, sir. At least in mid-October 2011.

      “999 is not going to fly either.”

      It is not a Boeing plane. It is a plan. And if you take the time to crunch he numbers, you’ll find out it is far better for us overall than a first-blush look at it reveals. Businesses would thrive, people would find jobs, it would save our bacon. Do more than knee-jerk at it. The business tax part is the real growth engine. When companies pay a lower tax, they can lower their prices. Competition will see that a chunk of that, if not all, will come back to you and me, the consumers. Consumers pay all business taxes anyway. Businesses just adjust their prices to collect enough to pay them.

      1. Razorbath

        Herman is just the latest establishment wolf in sheeps clothing. Wanna know how you can tell? For starters the MSM is trying to tell you he’s different but if you listen to him and look at his positions, aside from 999 hes exactly the same as Romney and Perry. And 999 is a HORRIBLE idea! Especially at a time when millions are unemployed or underemployed. Slap a 9% sales tax on them + a 7-8% state tax on them and its a lose lose situation. And what about all those extra taxes states put on Tobacco and alcohol + 9%? It would never pass but Herman is so arrogant hell act like its a great deal even if its proven 1000 times to not be! That should be a warning as to what kind of leader for the people hed be..

        Just remember they sold Barack Obama as “the peace candidate” in 2008.

  4. TomC

    The poll at the right shows strong internet support. That hasn’t pushed pass 10-15% in any poll. Paul is decent VP material, but not ready for the big time.

    1. Razorbath

      He’s the only real deal…

  5. Whatever


  6. Nurse Trixie

    I think it is sad how folks will support a candidate who doesnt know anything. My candidate can probably tell you the history of every country and Herman Cain doesn’t even know what is happening there now. Sheeple. You are sheeple if you dont know what happened in 1913, are not pissed about it, and will support a man who was a part of The Federal Reserve. There is battle going on for our very souls and you are gonna march right down the road and freely give your soul to the devil. Sad that you can’t see that.

  7. Marsha

    Just more lies! They think if they say it enough, they can make it true. Ron Paul or Obama, make your choice!

  8. John

    What about the democrat Darcy Richardson ,opposing Barack Obama???????


    Everyone should check out this guy ,he could make this interesting.

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