Feb 08 2016

And the Winner is…Final GOP Primary Prediction Results


Donald Trump Wins the New Hampshire Primary!

Donald Trump — 31%
John Kasich —- 18%
Ted Cruz ——– 14.5%
Jeb Bush ——– 11.5%
Marco Rubio —- 11%
Chris Christie —- 7%
Carly Fiorina —– 4%
Ben Carson —— 3%



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  1. Ronald

    Redundancy is a teacher. In school, in church, we hear things over and over again. This is how things get imbedded in our minds. During the debates a half dozen main issues have been discussed over and over. We’ve heard them being rehashed. We’ve heard about Hillary and the damage that Obama has done. So when there are so many candidates (that for the most part are on the same page) talk about the country that is going in the wrong direction; it’s all sounding repetitious. All the candidates prepare arguments, most of them are lawyers and are good at it. And they keep hammering the talking points. What, is it OK to hear “I gonna make the country great again and I’m gonna build a wall” umpteen times but that Obama is dismantling the country, isn’t?
    Rubio was trying to nullify the importance of past experience (that hasn’t worked) and promote vision for the future. Months from now, we will look back and remember what resonates in our minds. Rubio imbedded that 25 second canned speech for a purpose, so that even when Democrats go to vote it will ring in our heads and remind us how important this election is. Maybe 4 times was a bit too much and maybe he was a bit uncomfortable, drew a blank and so pulled it out. He’s not perfect, but a 2 minute exchange between two candidates (one that will soon be out) does not take anything away from the vast knowledge and ability that Rubio has.
    But listen, what he said is the truth and if you listen, he always tells the truth.
    When he said NJ’s credit rating was degraded 9 times during Christie’s governorship, he was telling the truth.
    Christie voted for Sotomayor, wrote a check to Planned Parenthood, increased the size of government, Medicaid, etc. But Christie would lie and deny it. His excuse of course was always the Democratic Congress that worked against him. Talk about accountability? The fact is, Christie is a fraud. He stands there and talks about getting up in the morning and doing this and that, as if he was successful. He is a failed governor, he wouldn’t get re-elected again because he only has a 30% favorable rating. FOLKS, JUST EXAMINE CHRISTIE’S RECORD AND TALK TO THE OTHER 2/3 OF NJ PEOPLE ABOUT HIM.
    Rubio is the most knowledgeable and hard working guy up there (with the exception of Cruz). He doesn’t need canned phrases, he’s proved that in hour long interviews, he’s answered every question with detail. Any interview I’ve ever heard him on, he was flawless. Actually, Tim Scott and Santorum support him. Newt Gingrich said that Rubio is the most talented politician he’s ever seen and Newt is pretty sharp. Michael Medved supports him as well.
    My vote goes for Rubio and Cruz is #2 (only because most of Congress doesn’t like him and Democrats hate him.) Rubio can win independents and some Democrats, which is part of his underlying plan; a plan that can win.

  2. Anonymous

    We need to return to our founding fathers vision for this country. They founded a Repblic, IF we were wise enough to keep it. We need a true conservative who knows the Constitution. Freedom of religion, and all our other God given Rights. I believe our nation can be restored.

  3. Barry

    People are tired of lying politicians making decisions based on PACs and lobbyists. Obama sold the US out to the insurance lobbyists instead addressing the real issues of health care. Costs and inflated drug and procedure costs. There is no governor on the throttle of health care costs and they just keep rising faster than inflation and all those costs are passed to the consumer and with this bill, its a free bill to gouge the insured. Obama lied about the contents and the democratic senate and house admitted they did not read the bill before signing it and when they did, they excluded federal employees from it because it was so bad. Hillary backed by Wall street and Bernie by unions. Most of the Reps backed by religious fanatics with their hands in every women’s womb dictating their religious beliefs to people they have no business bothering and being bought a myriad of different PACs and religions. Stalinist like in their zeal to force others to follow their religious teachings. That is why many are following Trump. He can’t be bought. He is pro choice and pro gay and will shake things up in DC. We may see a few lobbyists get the axe because they can’t buy him. He is not a politician and he does not cater to any lobbyist or PAC. Sure he says some things that are a little outrageous but so did Truman and Biden should be muzzled anytime he is near a mike. He tends to look at the economic impact of a decision much like any CEO and do a SWOT and Risk analysis before making the decision. We need a change in Washington and the Senate and House need a thorough cleaning to remove the refuse and lay a bouts and repopulate with non-incumbents with fresh ideas and no tied to PACS and lobbyists. Term Limits are another need and that will never happen with the present pile siting there in DC. Pork barrel spending should be eliminated making each bill and expenditure stand on it’s own merit.

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