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  1. Sue Taylor

    Read in today’s paper that Perry is on his way up there to campaign. Whatever you do don’t let Pretty Perry sway you. His claims are lies. Texas is doing well because of oil, not anything he has done. Our schools and education overall are ranked really low because he won’t spend any money on them. Our infrastructure in falling apart. He in a religious fanatic and ALL his decisions are based on abortion and sex. He is just not very bright.

  2. Linda

    The last time I voted for a Republican was for George Bush senior. I used to vote for the best person, not a party. Now, I’m forced to vote Democratic because the Republican party has been taken over by extreme right wingers. I wish the party would move back to the center, so I could again vote for the best person. The list of Republican presidential candidates are far too right wing for me. We need more choices or a third party. We need a centrist party.

  3. dnlchisholm

    Where is Mitt Romney on the list? I’m voting for Mitt for sure!

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