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Feb 07 2016

Marco Rubio Presidential Run Likely Over After Memorized Lines Exposed by Christie


A few years ago Marco Rubio blew his major opportunity to positively grasp the national spotlight when the GOP gave him the GOP response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union. What happened was one of the classic chokes in political history as Rubio stumbled in his speech and desperately guzzled water on camera in …

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Feb 07 2016

Final New Hampshire GOP Debate – 2-6-16

Final New Hampshire debate

Jan 28 2016

Fox News-Google GOP Presidential Debate


Jan 17 2016

1-14-16 Fox Business GOP Debate


Fox Business Republican Presidential Debate

Dec 21 2015

12/15/2015 CNN Republican Presidential Debate


12/15/2015 CNN Republican Presidential Debate

Oct 29 2015

CNBC GOP Debate – 10/28/15

CNBC Debate

CNBC GOP Debate – Colorado – 10/28/15

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