Buddy Roemer Interview on MSNBC

Buddy Roemer
Former Governor Buddy Roemer and Republican presidential candidate on The Rachel Maddow Show.


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  1. Kate Smith

    It is shocking to me that Herman Cain participated in debates and Governor Roemer is consistently snubbed by the media (except for Rachel Maddow). Is it because he speaks truth to power about the money poison in our politics??

    1. Anonymous

      Yes Kate it is true.

    2. maggy simony

      Not entirely true Kate. True he’s not been given due attention and should be in the debates. But MCNBC has been quite generous with having Roemer on ever since his first appearance with Rachel. He’s been on Morning Joe at least 4 times I know of — including this past week and WILL BE ON tomorrow morning with Morning Joe coming from New Hampshire.

      He’s on Andrea Mitchell TODAY at 12:15 PM and has appeared several times with Dylan Ratigan (4 pm MSNBC) and the new UP show on weekends from 7 or 8 until 9am.

      MSNBC has been I believe the best from what I know and I do a Google Alert for “Buddy Roemer” to keep me informed as well as sent him my hundred bucks and monitor his website.

      The REAL outrage is not being allowed into the debates by the Republican Party and here in Florida where I live, Roemer has been summarily removed from the ballot by the Republican Party (only state in the union where the party is allowed to do that).

  2. Garrett Bluth

    You are literally playing with a mafia that you have to pay off when it comes to getting publicity within the U.S. television media, and most internet media. This is the first poll Buddy has been on. If he is not allowed to debate after this, then I am honestly moving to Canada. I don’t want to be part of a country run by rich mob bosses.

  3. Mareen

    I used to call myself Democrat, but after recent years, have declared that I would pay allegiance to NO party. It hurts me to know that I voted AGAINST the Republican party in the last two elections, yet it was something I felt I needed to do. Therefore, after seeing the interview of Buddy Roemer with Rachael Maddow in January 2012, I feel this REPUBLICAN candidate deserves more of my attention. I will be watching you Buddy Roemer as a person worth listening to.

  4. MBelleville

    Kate, I think it is two things. First, they are trying to bury the message of how much both parties are bought and sold. Second, they KNOW that Roemer hurts Mitt in the primaries. But that’s a bad calculation becuase IF the Republican party really wants first and foremost a candidate who can win, that is clearly Buddy Roemer with his appeal to crossover and independent vote. But Buddy Roemer will have that same appeal in the general election and will draw votes away from President Obama and Mitt Romney.

    You read a lot about the Republican party expecting people “fall in line” and Buddy Roemer isn’t doing that. He hasn’t “waited his turn” and gone with whomever the GOP Leadership selects (i.e Dole, McCain)

  5. Ariana Benn

    Buddy Roemer 2012!!! You can’t silence his message forever. As you can tell his support has been growing leaps and bounds. Americans are starting a conversation about the money and greed corrupting our system. I am not proud to say I live in an America that will not allow a perfectly viable candidate for President into a debate!!! ABC/WMUR why have you set forth criteria for this debate that you are CLEARLY NOT STICKING TO??? In order to get invited to your debate you said they need to have 5% in a recent poll or finish in the top 4 in Iowa. Neither Perry or Bachmann had that and you invited them. Since there is an empty spot now with Bachmann being gone please let Buddy Roemer take her spot. If you’re including Perry then you best be including Buddy Roemer. What are you so afraid of? How is it that a former Governor & 4 time Congressman can’t get any media atttention. Conincidence? I don’t think so. You are making many Americans angry with this double standard you seem to have for your debate. Buddy is not taking any Pac money and no contributions over $100. Free to lead. The rest of the field is already bought and paid for and a vote for them = no change. Get the money + greed + corruption out of the system = vote for whoever you want. Buddy Roemer 2012!!!!

  6. Allen Atchley

    Americans are slowing becoming aware of the corrosive influence PAC money and a “bought and paid for” leadership that is not serving the majority of American’s interest. This will become increasingly evident in future political thoughts-and actions by the vast majority of the American voting public.

    Unfortunately part of this corrosive element is a “bought and paid for mainstream media”.

    It is hoped that the upcoming election debate hosted by ABC, and featuring Dianne Sawyer, will be an exception to this trend.

    Former Governor and 4 term U.S. House of Representative member BUDDY ROEMER “IS” a very legitimate and experienced candidate for president in the 2012 election. Yet the American people have been denied, through Corporate media executive decisions, the right to hear from a candiate some feel far more qualified than many in the current Republican field.

    It is hoped this network, and all others, will exhibit sound judgement in allowing this increasingly popular and qualified candidate to express his views to the American voting public by placing him in any future debates and news worthy coverage.

  7. James

    News media, watch your debate ratings skyrocket with Buddy Roemer in the debate.

  8. Jeffrey Klotz

    Classic David vs Goliath story… unfortunately the media outlets who stand to profit from superfunded pacs are cast as Goliath… journalism should profit from serving the people – not serve the people their profit. America needs Buddy!!

  9. Michael Culver

    Let Buddy Debate!

  10. Laura

    DISGUSTING TRAVESTY that they do not let Buddy into the debates! And the media and corporations do not want to hear his message! It is incredibly DISCOURAGING. I mean, who owns this country anyway? Obviously NOT FREE SPEECH.

  11. Jan Turnage

    Well said, Ariana!! My thoughts exactly!

  12. paulette mcclain

    Mafia run news media?? maybe… but he (Buddy Roemer) got the mafia run government out of Louisiana… I want to see Buddy on debates.. the big pac money is keeping him out because they know he is dead on the mark and they are afraid he may wake Americans up !!!!!

  13. Randy Hard

    Come on Americans. Start researching about all of the candidates. Not just the ones that the media wants you to know about. Go to the New Hampshire primary website and look at all of the candidates. I have researched them all and the only person that I see that can help get our country out of this mess is Charles “Buddy” Roemer. Research this man and if you think he’s the best person for the job, donate $100.00 to his campaign. If not, we’re all in trouble. The Bilderberg Group, the Wall Street Boys, The Federal Reserve, and the “elite” millionaires and bankers are all hoping the that US will fail so they get get closer to their agenda. “One World Goverment”. Wake up America.

  14. Robert David Steele

    It is amusing to see the CIA retirees working the Buddy Roemer national covert action program. Get over it. He was a Congressman when it was fashionable to be corrupt to the core, his jobs plan is all platitudes and no substance, he has no clue how to offer “justice” to the 99%, and he is delusional or dishonest when he talks about campaign finance reform–without ballot access, gerrymandering, proportionality and basic election integrity, campaign finance reform means nothing.

    If you want to see what an intelligent, coherent, and complete program looks like, please consider Electoral Reform, Coalition Cabinet and Balanced Budget announced in advance (we challenge all others to do the same or admit themselves not qualified), and True Cost Economics.

    With all humility, there is more substance on our one website than on all the other candidate websites–particularly including Obama’s. Comments are open on all pages and posts.

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