Bain Capital: Ruthless or Just Good Business?

Allies of Newt Gingrich have launched their fiercest attack yet on Republican front-runner Mitt Romney, with a half-hour film designed to destroy his claims to be a job-creating entrepreneur.

The 28-minute video, which will likely show up on TV in the coming weeks, by the Gingrich-leaning Winning Our Future Super PAC assails Mr Romney for “reaping massive awards” while head of Bain Capital, a private equity firm.

romney-bain“King Of Bain: When Mitt Romney came to town” features “regular Americans” saying they lost their jobs and homes due to their firms being dismantled by Bain.

A three-minute trailer for the film has been released, along with a preamble which calls Romney a “predatory corporate raider”.

“His firm didn’t seek to create value. Instead, like a scavenger, Romney looked for businesses he could pick apart,” the preamble says. “Indeed, he represented the worst possible kind of predator, operating within the law but well outside the bounds of what most real capitalists consider ethical.

“He is exhibit number one the left wants to use in the coming election to give capitalism a bad name.

Source: The Telegraph

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  1. Gus O'Donnell

    Finally the Newt I’ve been waiting for. “Relentlessly Positive” Newt is boring. “Cross Me and You’ll Die Horribly” Newt is hugely entertaining. I only hope he doesn’t flame out before February.

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