Feb 08 2016

And the Winner is…Final Democratic Primary Prediction Results


Sanders Wins the New Hampshire Primary!

Bernie Sanders — 59.5%
Hillary Clinton — 40.5%


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  1. Jennifer h

    How about a hillary Bernie ticket?

    1. Anonymous

      A big NO!

      1. Anonymous

        I second the big No! Feel the Bern!!!!

      2. Tom

        Agrees. Sanders is a joke.

        1. Anonymous

          From where I stand, YOU’RE the joke

      3. Anonymous

        Effing no way!!!

  2. Sarah

    Bernie Sanders will NEVER be president. I support Hillary and would rather stay home or vote for a moderate Republican.

    1. Anonymous

      You obviously don’t have an ethical sense of who is trustworthy in this world.

    2. Anonymous

      You’re Sarah Palin, aren’t you?

      1. Sarah

        You have no idea what you’re talking about. Sanders will get ZERO done unless you get Congress and 60 in the Senate.
        try reading a history book or watching the news you idiot. Have you paid attention to anything since Obama has been president?
        Grow up loser.

  3. Anonymous

    I find, and I can only speak from my own affiliations, that of the democrats that I know, are voting with the stereotype in mind that democrats are for the poor and republicans are for the rich. Let’s face it, most politicians are wealthy, regardless of their party. I believe that they are all for their own personal wealth and gain. I vote for the party that wants less government. We spend way too much on stupidity. Most of my democratic friends do not even know about the IRS misappropriating large sums of money from the People. In fact, not one democratic friend even knew who the speaker of the house is, and thought that Secretary of State was third in line for the presidency. Ok, point being, I feel people who vote should study history before they make all sorts of wild judgments on parties, just because they want to jump on the band wagon. Look at history, it’s very enlightening.

  4. Anonymous

    ^ yes you should read history it is very enlightening. I too would vote for the best for the country. most dems and republicans are the opposite side of the same coin. non of whom care about you or me. vote for the person willing to give us the poorest the best fighting chance. less gov in certain situations is a terrible idea. Big biz already controls and manipulates the little man, it would be exponentially worse if the gov had no control on them. and you are calling out stereo types. your branding yourself into one in you own words. Hating on dems.

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