2012 New Hampshire Primary Results: Mitt Romney Wins!


2012 New Hampshire Primary Results *100% reporting:

Mitt Romney 97,532 votes 39.3% – 5 delegates
Ron Paul 56,848 votes 22.9% – 3 delegates
Jon Huntsman 41,945 votes 16.9% – 2 delegates
Newt Gingrich 23,411 votes 9.4%
Rick Santorum 23,362 votes 9.4%
Others 2,676 votes 1.1%
Rick Perry 1,713 votes 0.7%
Buddy Roemer 945 votes 0.4%


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  1. liberty&justice4all

    if this guy wins the nomination my vote goes to obama.

    1. Dogddad

      Mitt Romney? Really NH? Please tell me how he is any different than Obama? Please leave out the obvious difference of race. When it comes down to policies, he is exactly the same on all issues that matter in this election. Aren’t you tired of being force fed these Robots?

    2. Texas Mom

      If this guy wins the nomination then just write in Ron Paul. Over a million people did it last time, and he has more support this time. If you don’t vote for the person who can actually fix this mess then you’re no better than the ones who started this mess.

      1. gook

        at leat he is not a jew and does not sleep with any – I mean Ron Paul.

  2. Stephen

    Jon Huntsman is the only Rep candidate that I would consider voting for. But he won’t win the nomination, so it’ll be Obama for me.

    1. Max

      You kidding me? right?

    2. democrat4tw

      our thoughts exactly. we are democrats, but if a republican were to ever be selected we would pretty much only be okay with huntsman, but (sorry) that will never happen. obama it is <3

  3. JD

    Would like to hear report on Buddy Roemer, please. His message is the one I’m most interested in actually.

  4. Eurodude

    What’s wrong with you Americans???

    vote for dr. Ron Paul if you really care about yourself and your future!

    waisting your vote on obama, romney, santorrum, gingrić, etc. will destroy your beautiful country!

    1. Alaskacold

      Sadly, Europeans know more about American politics than Americans… But I agree with you 100%: Dr. Ron Paul 2012!

    2. synergy

      I agree, Ron Paul is the one with the clearest differentiator factor, and in my opinion, has the right foreign policy. War madness needs to stop. We need to mind our own business and respect for other countries so they can respect and appreciate us.

      The weapon business doesn’t seem to be improving our economy and our way of life, and it is killing many lives here and abroad.

      If it comes to Romney, my vote also goes to Obama. Sadly!

  5. dave karney

    A no vote is far better that voting for either of the replublicrats if Dr. Paul isn’t a choice. Obama’s worse than Bush because of his obvious betrayal of his supporters. At least with Bush you knew that he was going to ruin the country. Get rid of your stocks, credit cars, money out of the big banks and support small business and buy local!

  6. proudIowan

    Jon Huntsman is disrespectful towards Iowa. If he plans on being the President of the Untied States, Iowa is included. He needs to grow up and accept the fact that it is a long-standing tradition for the Iowa Caucuses to go first and that people actually pay attention to them. We often predict the candidates that move on to become President and with some of his remarks…he lost almost all our support

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